Thursday, January 11, 2007

Voice Over for the {Pup}


me and my family just got back from recording the voice over for my film.
We had 6 actors {friends and family} supply the V.O. for the 9 characters in my story.
We recorded at a Powerfull studio in lovely SantaMonica Ca. {The same place we recorded my
last short film}
Scott Crisp did the sound work for this film and my last film.....he has been incredibly kind and has helped supply us with professional sound in our independent films with no budget.

It went awesome......The actors {friends and family} added so much more to the words than what was on the paper. I am even more excited than I was before about animating to the
voices .

Shel has also been putting the finishing touches on the hallway set which will be the set Ill be
animating first. It is lit and I am ready to do a test animation.

Here are some pics of the V.O. Shoot.



Greg said...

Looks like a blast, Justin. Doesn't surprise me about Dads voice over talent. People around here who attended my wedding say that he has the voice of God. I tell them that explains why I'm a little off; I've spent my whole life listening to God tell fart jokes.


jriggity said...

HA!!!!Hey Greg!!!Funny stuff

Yeah it was really fun getting in the studio again.

Thanks for stoppin by.
your dad was AMAZING!! He stole 2 parts from the cartoon.

He is now the poundworker and the Rich Guy.

I did find a weakness....he read for the Fat Toughguy character and it was HILLLAARIOUS!!

Ill have to send it to you...he sounds like a Transylvanian Homie.
No skills with a Latin accent.