Tuesday, February 27, 2007


hey there, Shel here again......

STEPPED BACK last night when Justin and I watched The Wrong Trousers and I had my finger on the pause button the whole time….kept stopping to check out the inspiring sets…I got really excited and, one day away from our pre-production deadline, I decided our set is not quite right yet….I want it to look sterile, which I feel I got, but it came out too neat and symmetrical in the process. Plus after studying Justin’s storyboards some more I realized we’re going to need more hallway length….so I tore the whole thing apart, drilled about a million more holes and will start putting it together again on Thursday about 7 inches to the left and with hopefully a “grungier”, slightly less proportional, sterile flavor. The bummer part is we’ll need to add another week to the schedule cuz real life (you know, the “continual motion” one) has me booked solid till next Tuesday

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