Friday, April 13, 2007

ANIMATION EDUCATION -just-a-jump test2

shel here with another jump test. this time just a jump (no killer fruit attacks). justin suggested i work on archs, posing and timing. learned alot on this test and i like how it came out but i did alot of editing in post (cutting unnessary frames mostly), the cool part is that editing the frames really helped me to understand more about how timing works in stop motion (less pictures, bigger increments between poses=faster movement/more pics, smaller increments between poses=slower movement). so i'm going to do another jump test (before i play with a pushing and pulling test), to see if i can get the timing how i want it without too much editing. i left the wires in again, cuz it's just an exercise, they are pretty easy to take out in photo shop though (like in the picture above).


Shelley Noble said...

Shel, this is looking so great. um, I have to say it, you are progressing by leaps and bounds!


Tennessee Reid said...

Great anticipation and follow through Shel!

Nice sense of gravity which is often the killer of illusion if done wrong.

Keep it up!

Harv said...

Stuff is looking AMAZING!

handmadeheros said...
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handmadeheros said...

thanks means ALOT coming from ya'll.

(p.s. sorry about that delete up there i meant to edit, not delete)