Friday, July 6, 2007

I'VE BEEN TAGGED: 7 THINGS ABOUT SHEL (ubatuber got here goes....)

1. I’m an extremely lucky girl. (In large part proven by my AWESOME man, three AMAZING children, SUPPORTIVE parents, and deeply LOVELY friends).

2. The best present I ever got was a unicycle when I was 10 (which I got to totally relive when Justin surprised me and replaced my long lost unicycle a few years ago).

3. I did a lot of my growing up barefoot in Berkeley.

4. I’ve always danced and made dances. Sometimes I've gotten to travel to cool places to do it.

5. I teach Contact Improv dance at UCLA. I also have a private practice as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and an Alexander Technique Teacher, which means I get to help people let go of trauma, pain and muscular tensions that get in the way of moving freely in their bodies (cool stuff).

6. I was a die hard tomboy until my daughter showed me the amazing feats that can be done in princess dresses!

7. I recently fought in a Jiu Jitzu, No Gi, Grappling Competition (this is humorous to people who know me for some reason--they roll their eyes and snicker). I decided, as I was slamming this girl down on her back (and instinctively put my hand under her head so she wouldn’t get hurt when her head hit the floor), that I am a mother, a mover, a healer, but I am no fighter--it was a totally cool experience though....and hey, I won a medal!!

I tag Brian Oakley, you're up CRAZYWALRUS!


Brian Oakley said...

LOL...Nice. You guys are like some of the busiest people I've never met. I look forward to getting to meet you guys in person. I will try to post my tag soon! Thanks.


Shelley Noble said...

Completely. Totally. Cool.

Shel, you are a wonder on earth.

Right on.