Friday, July 13, 2007

Stop mo Shamus!

Hey Guys,

Shamus our younger boy.....decided to do stop mo skits for his year long personal project at school.....He aniamted and compiled all these shots using Monkeyjam and my dv camera. I was very proud at what he put together when he showed us the dvd. He's a big fan of Robot Chicken here it is.



Shelley Noble said...

That's awesome!

Tennessee Reid said...

Great Shamus! You are contributing in the 'Fight of Passage' than many burgeoning Stopmotionists have experienced...including yours truly. My first film G.I. Joe fights AstroKnight at age 12. I have seen countless other examples from my stop-mo brethren including Tim Hittle's pre 'Jay Clay' classic battle 'Rat Wars'.

Keep up the experimentation!
Loved the deflation of the carebear!

Craig Harris said...

Thats great Shamus!!! I about fell out of my chair at work laughing man. Keep it up!!!

Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci said...

Nice work Shamus, very funny stuff. Whenever one can hurl a carebear in to a camera, well thats a good thing! :)

Off the Shelf Productions said...

Hey Caliban was in that!

I'm really a Stop-Mo Geek!!


Michael Granberry said...

Shamus has a future working at Red Hatchet Films if he wants it!