Friday, August 3, 2007



My camera broke......This sucks!!! I wnet into the garage 2 sundays ago ready to avenge my shot that didnt make the cut. Flipped the switch and........ NOTHING!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Totaly Sucks!

Ive had the camera for less than 9 months....I have no idea what happened to my cam.
So we formulate a quick plan to find the nearest NIKON camera Fix titians.

Shel drove it over to the nearest one. They couldnt Fix it because of it being a GREY MARKET camera. I had never heard that term before. It means a camera bought from a different country.So its not covered by the one year NIKON Warranty.MORE SUCK!!

Luckily I purchased a 5 year warranty ontop of the I sent it out and it should be getting fixed as we speak....How long will it take?????????????.....
Feeling like a hapless fish I tried to formulate a way to get back to work assoonas I could...Me and Shel talked and decided we need a backup camera for situations like this as well as our next project requireing 2 shoots hapening at once.

We ordered a New NIKONd40 the cheapest of the bunch....but a fine camera for my film.

My positive thinking is telling me this is FATES way of stopping me from shooting untill my flicker situation is under controll. I recently ordered an adjustable Dimmer which will fix my light should be with us next week.

just in time for my new Backup camera to arrive.



Sven Bonnichsen said...


Oh, man, may you have the very best of luck getting it fixed.

Pram said...

Holy crap!!! You mean your camera's lens is actually cracked? That sucks!

I hate to suggest an inferior camera as a backup, but have you considered purchasing a Canon? Mike Bates uses a Powershot, and it's worked beautifully for him. It was pretty cheap, too...Anyway, it would just be a backup camera, so it's worth a shot.

Pram said...

Oh, nice...Your camera's a Nikon, and the one in the picture is a Canon. You got me, man!

jriggity said...

Ha! yeah its just an illustration of my busted ass camera!


Darkstrider said...

... You bought it in another country??? Really??

Ethan said...

Bummer- but nice job throwing it right back at fate and buying a new camera! Sometimes laying out money is the only way to keep moving ahead. BTW- have you heard about using a voltage meter and a variac to tame your flicker issues?

jriggity said...

It was bought it in america....but it was made for release in other countries is how i understand it.

I didnt know this at the time. Its an american company.

as for the flicker YES....I have heard of the variac....and I got one sitting on my office floor ready to try out.

I picked it up through some advice from some of the stop mo WIZARDS out there. I gota still get my hands on a voltage meter though.


Darkstrider said...

Grey Market huh? Sounds to me like you bought it through a (supposedly) completely above-the-table American store, and Nikon is just trying to weasel out of the warranty. If it was handled in some shady sneaky manner by the store that sold it to you, that's not your fault! And if that's what Nikon is saying, then you should definitely talk to the store - they'll probably want to know (or maybe not).

God I hate weaseley lawyers!

Shelley Noble said...

Way to handle the sitch, guys. I agree with the Fates!