Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some behind the Fish Stuff.

Hey Guys,

Heres some pics of the process of this anim.....It was a very challenging animation that took about 16 hours to do in total. 2 nights of animation and some wire removal. I started this anim the same as my last test....brainstorming ideas with shel with only the concept of useing the Edwardo puppet...I decided on the fishing idea that has been delivered.

first thing to do was build a set as quick as I could ....building sets is not what I was tring to do....I want to animate. but the story required some minor props. I found some old blue clay laying around and quickly slapped it down on the anima board. I then cut the 3 pieces for the dock pillars. slapped a shoelace around em and sculpted a quick hat and fishing pole.

after the set formalities....I quickly set up the camera and loaded up monkeyjam.

I went down in the gym -acted out the scene untill I had a clear understanding....and to the races..

I had had a goal of getting to the ending of the first section of the film in one evening. I created the walk and then set down the bucket - easy right?BUT then I thought wouldnt it be cool if the [water] animated too. HMmmmm???I thought this could be a big pain in the ass....not really what I want to spend time on...but, I went for it. Im glad I dod it looks cool and its another effect to put in my arsenal.

Then came the Cast. I had no idea how the fishing pole was going to react or what the string would be made of.I just went untill the next puzzle arose to be solved.

I quickly decided to use my thin wire which I attached to the end of the pole.It worked!!!! I then ...right then decided to do the money on the hook in post...easy to do.... which I did....hence the no shadow on the money.

on to the sit by this point my hands were caked in blue and so was Edwardo...I didnt really care too much. Animation was all I really want to concern myself with.


Night 2-

Shel did a quick repaint on Edwardo.....giveing me a fresh start on the visuals.I set him up and once again off to the races. Tug , Tug BIG this point I hadnt planned on the hat falling off but IMPROVISATION Kicked in. I thought how cool would that be {animation opporotunity} I took it.

After that I just followed my plan of pulling and dragging the RICH FISH in. Again I really had no plan on how I was going to support the rich guy as he came out of the water but I did have a plan on his emerging

...I have alot of dead test puppets laying around the house. I sculpted a cheesy head for the first key then I had a broken puppet I cut in half for the mid key...and finally a full broken puppet for the fully emmerged puppet.

this worked really well and I added a cool splash useing the same smoke technology I used in the smoke poof of my magic test.

the rest of this anim was pretty straight forward...except by the time I was dragging the RICH FISH offscreen I was tired and you can really tell in the last moments of animation.

ohh well ....It really was a fun and challenging animation.

thats it for this behind the scenes.



Darkstrider said...


Yeah, I noticed the blue clay building up on ?Eduardo, and I could tell what it was, but it didn't matter - hey, if nothing else, a fisherman should wear the materials of his profession, eh? ;)

I thought you had just used one Rich Fish puppet, but with no bones, and had just bent it sideways so it was laying on top, covered by the cottony puff.

Hey, great job on the cobbled-together head!!

Shelley Noble said...

Thanks for writing that up, Justin!

But instead of giving me a behind the scenes explaination of technique, where I say, "oh, yeah, I could do that!", all it did was make your work even more of a magical, unattainable mystery!

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome tutorial, man! I didn't even notice the blue clay got all over the puppet until you pointed it out. I do have one question, though--what resolution do you capture at in Monkey Jam?

jriggity said...

Full- like 720 -480 or somthin...Highest possible

Thanks alot guys!!