Monday, August 13, 2007

Stay warm Justin #2

Hey guys ,

I busted this out the other night and shel did a quick brain storm on what I could do for a quickie anim test. I wanted to use a prop Ive had laying around and I was wanting to try an effects animation in stop mo...somthing Ive never really done.

we decided on a magician animation .It was mainly shels Idea though....I went down in the gym and acted out A few different designs on the movement possablities.

Decided on some choreography and then went right to it.....after starting the animation the old improvisation bug bit me and I changed the story and direction of the movement for the better ....this subject deserves an entire post.{IMPROV}

other wise....I feel ok about the animation....the idea is strong but I wish I would have put a little more love into the animation.

hope you enjoy! More to come.



Anonymous said...

AWESOME and very inspirational! Even without a soundtrack, it's easy to tell what is going on, the posing is spot-on, and the payoff is humorous. Five stars.

Craig Harris said...

Really good stuff man. Your timing for your gags is getting a lot better. Super fun piece!!

adam said...

Powerful! Funny too! Nice work.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

The way you keep kickin' arse, there's not going to be an unbruised butt left on the net...

mefull said...

really nice! you made me laugh!

Christina said...

Hey, that's great for an exercise... and with sound even. I like the movement as he draws back and then pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

Your idea of staying warm with exercises is good (i need to do more of that myself soon!)

Shelley Noble said...

Yeah, the timing had the funny. Excellent.

I love the way you get the choreography in your body and then transfer it into the puppets.

Yes, please! on the post abnout how you make different choices during animating.

And holy cr@#p! what would the animation look like if you had put more "love" in it?! Sheesh!

Ken A. Priebe said...

It's so awesome to see you guys churning stuff out like this. I've added this to my regular blog-visits.

Matt Williames said...

It's so cool to see something BESIDES CG on blogs right now! Awesome, keep it up!

Wahoony said...

Wow, your animation is really good. Nice timing and staging. That's the kind of quality I hope to achieve some day.

Btw, we used the same music as a temp track for our animatic. :)

all the best,


PS: thanks for your regular comments on our Ponanza-blog! It really makes it a little easier to know there's people out there who watch our stuff.

Anonymous said...

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