Monday, October 29, 2007

Hiatus pics #3

Hey guys,

heres some more sketches of the beginings of this project. The poodle character used to be a normal stray dog.....untill through thinking so much about it I tied the stray at the begining to the rich couple that come to the pound.

super cool how things like this present themselves and make you early storys sooooo much richer.

The girl in this sketch was originally part of the opening....her and a male poundworker talked back and forth about the main character setting up the story .
It seemed natural to simplify the characters and combine them into 2. Easier on me and better for the story

hope to start back on the project very soon.



Shelley Noble said...

Terrific character sketches, J

Ryan McCulloch said...

These are great! I love production design! keep 'em commin!