Thursday, January 24, 2008

Schedules -Editing - Animateing - and BIG ole X's

Hey guys,

I have been working like crazy on the film....and its starting to really shape up. I am well over the hump now and am sitting at {over 5 minuets of shot animation}This tells me that Its gona be a bit longer than I thought originally. This is cool! That way after I work on this film for 2+ years I ll have a bit more to show in the end.
I'm sure when Shel gets done editing it it will shorten up nicely though. She has started editing 3 of the 5 sections of my film. It is so nice to finally see my ideas coming together.

{I have to tell ya though- I am getting pretty scared that the film in my head is'nt gona match whats on the screen} Shel is very good at assureing me that its gona be great.Its REALLY REALLY Hard to make a great animated film guys! CRAZY props to those that manage ta pull it off.

I really want my audiance to feel for Gerald as a character - I want them to forget hes animated and accept that hes a liveing creature. I know there are definate moments of MAGIC in this film.....I just have to make sure my narrative and acting is as clear as possible.
As far as my schedule goes - Shel has me doing 2 shots a week. This sounds like nothing but its Hard to stick to. I am Now prepping for my Last MONSTER SHOT.It is a major acting sequence between the little girl character and Gerald. Its Just as hard as the dog and Bowl piece I finished and shared with you guys. I also think it the MOST important in my film. I gota NAIL it.

I'll post my preperation process on this MONSTER shot in an upcoming post.



Shelley Noble said...

Whoop Whoop! Yeah! Way to Go, JRiggs. Oh hellsyea it'll be a great film and do everything you wish for it to.

I can't get over number one, how hard you work and number two, how amazing Shell is at partnering!

You are one crazy lucky animator.

Ryan McCulloch said...

We are all so stoked about this dude! Congrats on animating so much, don't slow down though, too many of us are counting on seeing the final masterpiece.

Ethan said...

Hey Justin- Good luck on the next shots, I'm sure they will come out great!

jriggity said...

thanks for the support guys!

Sundays here and tonights the night.....

Ha!! Worst case senario Ill have another failed shot to share with you guys.


Kevin Kidney said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! Your enthusiasm is so inspiring. And your work is sensational!

kmsanime said...

Your getting close to finishing. How do you plan to market/show/sell your film? Did I miss this?

Tennessee Reid said...

Hey Buddy,

Part of the joy/pain of Stop-Motion is that it will NEVER be exactly as you invisioned it. That is what sets us apart from the artificial CG world and keeps us firmly rooted in... reality.

Kepp the faith!
and keep up the great work!

jriggity said...

Well..... Im definately closer than ever before.I will be done this year 4 sure.

1.My plan is to make a new website of my artwork...

2.Create A DVD that I can sell.I would like to make back a bit of my expences in makeing the film.

3.Enter a bunch of Film festivals.

one of my dreams is to watch a film I have created on a BIG SCREEN.{WITH my FAMILY }:]

otherwise...I was considering makeing a package that would allow me to sell my Film at a decent price even though it is a Short.

Maybe include some of my older films....and behind the scenes footage.

thats all 4 now.