Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ORIGINS? and Visualizeing - The Movie in my head

Hey guys,

Ive been asked a bunch of times where the inspiration for the story came from.....
my answer will go perfectly with somthing I have been wanting to write about for a while - {Visualization.}
I have done this thing for years where and when I can find a moment

-In Traffic -
-Moments before I fall asleep-
-In the shower-I use these times to watch my movies/storys.....I literally start at the opening and watch the film imagining what is going to happen and how its going to look. Supriseingly most of the time my imagination matches the images I output {60% or so}. I do this from the very begining of the film untill the end.

I usually do this before every individual shot as well.....along with acting scenes out and running my ideas past shel.

This in fact is how most of my films in the past have been born - In traffic while listening to music. Music is incredibly inspirational for my storys - I listen to scores from films mainly.................... I often work to these and often just brainstorm naturally from the moods the scores put me in.
{Geralds Last Day was born a bit differently } It was in traffic with shel just talking over 2 years ago. Its inspiration came from people I know......and a family full of completely different animals.......... We have always told our kids that they are all unique animals and shouldnt expect to be the same as each other.......... or others around them.
Im not really a "Message" kinda guy but it came naturally in this case.

any who...to answer the questions of the Origin of the story . There it is.

{as for the FILM}.....its going strong -{no reshoots so far} I will be for the next 4 weeks finishing the little girl sequence and tapping the Edwardo shots.....for the big finish.

We also had a really cool meeting with our composer tonight....which was SUPER exciteing!!

well have a seperate post on that soon.



Ryan McCulloch said...

Love hearing stuff like that. Thanks for the great visuals.

Darkstrider said...

That's the same way I visualize my films (even though most of them haven't been made). I even manage to do it sometimes at work when we're massively busy!!! People often catch me staring off into space and ask me what's wrong or what I'm daydreaming about.

Ryan McCulloch said...

I've come up with some of my best ideas in the bathroom.

jriggity said...


Thats great!

.....Its so funny to see the situations a creative brain can kick in.


John W. Sumner said...

I don't post much, if at all... but I've been following your work, and I'm pretty excited about the fact that you're over the hump and heading towards a finished film. I'm pretty excited to see the final project.