Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looking back.....Post it note Story Board INTRO

Hey guys,

I was going through some of my old files holding the special features in mind.....and I came upon a few cool things.......My original 2d animatics.....and a bunch of early concepts for the film.

I thought this might be cool to share with you guys....

Heres the intro with the modern music and some sfx.......It actually works pretty good. I did all the post it note story boards 2 plus years ago and I'm proud to have accomplished what I set out to.

Many things have changed....and some insert shots were added to clarify elements and make it all more entertaining...but the Core is all there.

Ill share all of the old animatics from this film so you can see where we added and where we strayed from the original designs......

also.....since this film was my first real experiance in stop mo....i thought I would post my very first gerald tests....I did these when I was decideing how I was going to tell this story...I just used my webcam and monkey jam....You will find every single beginner mistake in these tests...but I was havin FUN!!!

the animation is pretty horrible....but I had never moved clay or a puppet before..... It wasnt long after these simple tests that I was able to incorporate some of my animation skills into the medium....this is also when I decided to DIVE in and commit to telling the story in stop mo.

So near the end.....I think the film is looking great guys.....and I really think your gona like it.....looking through all the old pics and files its all that much YUMMIER remembering where it all started and seeing the Quality we Ended with..... THE LONG ROAD....


Now that we are on the Cusp of finishing this film.....we are looking toward the next project...We are excited to say its going to be very different than this film but hopefully just as appealing. It is Cartoony and FUN....incase you thought we were straying to far from our roots.

We are going to use this next film as another training ground to improve the areas that we will need to be strong in to make our feature film. We will be Focusing on Cinematography , Lighting and ofcourse CLEAR Storytelling.

I look forward to shareing another films progress with you guys....but on a much more sane schedule. We are shooting for one to two sets....and 3 minuets in length.



John Pierro said...

We should call you guys little Pixar. Very inspiring as usual, to see your roots and watch you grow. Go team Rasch!

Alonso said...

cool stuff :)

here's a little film (not mine) I keep around to remind me of what can be done on a single stage

feature film! you better get those kids of yours into production, dat's a big project. can't wait :)

jriggity said...

John- awwww...Tanks dood.

alonso- WOW@!!! have no idea how close that is to our next project!! YIKES!!....hmmmm?

thanks for the link....its a super cool -FUN and entertaining short.


Shelley Noble said...

Man0man, great to see these clips, Justin!

I really love the early raw test clips especially. I'd be very happy if my animation looks as bad as you think those do. SO creative and raw.

I can't believe Gerald's Last Day was your first wit puppets! Boy, does your skill translate! Exciting!

emmyymme said...

Really great to see the earlier tests - though I agree with Shelley, if I can get mine looking that good I'll be getting somewhere!
Glad it's all going well.

Anonymous said...

This is pure inspiration. I love the tests, dood! It's great to see how much you've improved, and also good to see what you don't consider your best. It takes guts to post stuff like that.