Monday, February 23, 2009

Colors - StoryBoards - and Festivals ahead.

Hey guys,

so I have officially started the storyboards for the NEW Film and Im really excited by how its turning out. I have done about 20 panels and its going to be a fun Cartoon. WAY FUN!!
Shel has been makeing our color charts a reality with her painting expertise . She took our Failed puppet and tested all the colors on that before we commit to the Finished puppets. Heres the failed puppet representing the final colors. This will also be the puppet I test in the coming weekend.

Our first attempts were makeing the character look too realistic - we decided to simplify the colors to make him more cartoony and fun. Thats what this film is supposed to be all about anyways......In other news....we are getting ready for 2 back to back festivals next week and the competition is stiff again. As we get accepted to more festivals we start to see films that weve competed against already or films Ive read about..

....somthing of note...

for people creating films with Festivals in mind . I have noticed the pattern of no patterns in our ACCEPTANCE - REJECTED status at festivals.

We have been accepted to many festivals - but we have also been Rejected by many festivals too . I of course wonder why ???

Some that I thought for sure we would get into - We were rejected by -
others that I thought small chance .......we were accepted ?


This VAST difference in reaction brings up Millions of questions to a filmaker.?

Why didnt BLANK festival like my film? Here are some thoughts I had...ha!

Was it too unprofessional?Sound?Editing?Cinematography?Story
Was the story too Simple? not edgy enough?
Was it too long?
Is it too American?
Did they even watch it?
Was the dvd broken...Ha!

Does it suck?

It would be awesome if festivals could answer some of these questions...but that ofcourse cant be the what I did is talk to other filmmakers who also are on the circuit.

They said the same things and thoughts That Ive been haveing.....and trying to analyze why is fruitless.......So....I wont. I just want people that are makeing films to know it seems to be part of the ride......The festivals are like humans with different tastes and priorities that drive their choices.

the main barrier I am seeing with GLD is that the LARGE feature film type fests have not accepted us yet and I really am wanting to break that barrier. Time will tell?

thats it for now.



amoebaboy said...

fantastic work guys,loving the colour scheme.
i wouldn't worry about not being accepted for festivals, once you guys start getting noticed, they'll beat your door down.

Mike Adair said...

He's awesome in color! And those storyboards are lookin' sweeeeet.

Again, just beautiful molds!

Alonso said...

(last time I tried to leave a comment it didn't stick, hope it does this time)

yay more film festivals!

is the enemy have wires in his brows for expression changes? Are his eyes seperate/moveable?

How long do you expect Dober's film to take you?

You're storyboards are very in depth and detailed. Are you going to make color and lighting boards also? (

keep rocking it, you're an inspiration to all of us!

adam said...

Cool man! I like the medals/ribbons on "Corporal Flea" - that's a nice detail.

jriggity said...

{Amoebabaoy} - that would be really cool !

{Mike}- glad ya likes it man.

{Alonso} yes - always exciting to be accepted to a new fest.

Yes- the puppet has brow wires and his eyes are animateable.
His skeleton is also wire.

I feel this film will take a year of work to get the photography done. It will probably take another 3-6 months for all of the Score - editing and Sound work-and Random life stuff to finalize.

We officially started in we are on track for meeting our deadlines...

wish us luck!


John Pierro said...

Life is like a box of chocolates dude:) Looks great!!

Richard Svensson said...

Amazing puppets! I'd like to try this technique out some day. Just haven't got the resources for it right now..

Anonymous said...

"Does it suck?"

Not on your life, buddy.

Alexiev said...

Guau, that incredible work

I love the Stop Motion...

She dresses what this people do:


Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Ryan McCulloch said...

Alot of times it's just the preference of the person judging which entries are going in, they may not like cute and sweet and happy, they may only like dark and artsy. In which case, you don't want to be in that person's festival. I remember the frustrations very well.

I highly recommend entering the Mill Valley Film Festival, which usually plays a short before every feature film. In the end though, I think you'll find the short film festivals by far the most rewarding.

You're flea is looking really fun, can't wait to see him come alive!

John W. Sumner said...

I gotta say, I'm really impressed with the amount of work you guys put out. It's a treat to see everything coming together for you.

emmyymme said...

Wow, you guys are incredible! So much progress already, it's a joy to follow along!

Hermanos Encinas said...

This character is awesome!!

jriggity said...

thanks guys,

{John} thanks bro

{Richard}...thanks man....I love your most recent post....on those little goblin doods!

{Alexiev} thanks man....and welcome to the blog. I love meeting new artists.

{Ryan}- agreed - I definately know their are fests that wont go anywhere near somthing as clean and {apparently UNArtsy}....ha! as GLD....

Its all good ....we are haveing a ball with the fests.

I will email Shel about Mill Valley today!

The Flea will be alive very soon indeed.

{John} thanks dood! we should do lunch again soon.

{Emmyymme} Im so glad you likes the process....I get alot out of your blog too.

UbaTuber said...

Love the new pup, beautiful color scheme, the light greens really make that red pop!
Cant wait to see him in action...

Thanks for the write-up on your festival frustrations...even though I havent seen it, I think I can safely say that your film does not suck :)

Kelly Shon said...

Hello Justin,

It is great to see your blog.
see you at the festival.