Friday, February 6, 2009

Dobers First Animation Test - And The latest news!

Hey Guys,

So I was fortunate enough to do some Stop Mo work this week for Screen Novelties....and since its been a bit since I had my hands on some puppets I decided to do a quick animation test with my NEW Dober puppet.
So I needed a ULTRA Quick set......KIDS armed with Spraypaint cans....and there MIGHTY HAMMERS.......Provided rocks and a space set ....Aedon did all the lighting........I set up the camera and it was off to the races.It was a total reminder as to how hard stop mo is...........Its funny how quickly you can forget. Some Rust had formed and My eyes and hands needed this test to go confidently into Screen Nolvelties ready to perform.
This test I planned out friday night in the kitchen with shel as my critic. It was cleanly planned and I was ready for a sunday night shoot. As soon as I started {12:00 Midnight} I put a good hour into Dober beaming in and looking at the little alien ball roll in. I then realized I had to restart due to leaveing some claydough on the set and not likeing how my poseing was looking.
Restarting at 1:00 in the mornin is a hard pill to swallow but I felt I didnt have a choice. I had to get warm for the work ahead. The second time around things were going much better. Dober was hitting cool poses...I liked the timeing.....BUT.....just like stop motion my well planned acting choices changed with IDEAS found on the spot and Dobers own decisions....

so after 2 nights of animateing ...I have dobers first animation. I hope ya like it.

as for my adventures at Sceen Novelties....I got to animate on a cartoon called Flapjack for Cartoon Network........Its a great episode and Im so proud to have been a small part of it. I got to meet a bunch of really cool talented guys. I also ran into another member of the blogosphere... MAX Winston.
He was doing some fabrication for the show and it looked great.

We also have been accepted to a bunch more festivals and we are excited to take part in this weekends SHOW OFF YOUR SHORTS film fest in Hollywood ca.
You are all invited!

SHOW OFF YOUR SHORTS website with address and directions, parking, etc:

GLD is playing on saturday 2/7 in the 3-9 slot...

Cant wait to see Coraline today at Lunch...

over and out!



Kevin Harman said...

Wow, great news! The Screen Novelties guys are very talented and down to earth.

Anonymous said...

Coraline rocked on every axis. Max Winston is an unsane crackpot genius. Have you seen the short he did for that competition show he was on?

His entry was my favorite and it should have won.

Kramer Klaymation said...

Awesome animation! Looking good already.

Mike Adair said...

Man, that Dober looks great in action! Nice moves!
I got lucky and got to meet those Screen Novelties guys. They are the best!

Shelley Noble said...

The Dober test is awesome, Justin. Good luck with all of it.

Ryan McCulloch said...

Dude! Dober is the coolest thing ever!!!! I love the new franchise, I can envision a whole universe of space-animals. Beautiful animation as usual man, so jealous.

Fish said...

Dude, that rocks! Very nicely done.


John Pierro said...

Love the new stuff!! So cool to see the process of building Dober and then see him in his first test. Thanks for sharing the wonderful world of Justin and Family with us all. You guys rule!

rich johnson said...

Dober is soo cool. I like how you made him jump over to the third one. this is going to be fun!
im going to see Coraline in 3d in 1 hour and 30 minutes.....booya

jriggity said...

Kevin - Yeah man...super cool group over there....everybody was open and talented!

Don- INDEED!! And yeah Max has some crazy Flavor in his work. Yes...I did see it...we did a film swap while I was there. CrAZY pIECE of highquality work.

Kramer- thanks man!

Mike - thanks dood....Im really excited about his shapes and poseing options...Hes going to be so fun!!

Herself- thanks lady!..I feel its all going to happen with this project.

Ryan- Im so glad you like Dober man....It means alot!! I love your designs too.As for the univerese...we have a TON created already...I cant wait to share.

Fish- Tanks dood.

John - Thanks a BUNCH dood! and youll be able to watch the whole ride on this film..from the begining!

Rich -Im so glad your going to see Coraline! Its an amazeing piece of artistry and Passion!! I LOVED IT!!


Mad Max Winston said...

Hey, cool, looks like you're kids are having an awesome time! Oddly enough, I used to love to smash rocks as a kid... Thanks for the kind words, Don!

Justin, thanks for the film, too! That's great it's doing so well, I'm really interested to see what you guys do next. Twas' well done. Wow, Coraline was so great, I saw it twice too... liked it even more the second time! In 2D. Well, hope to see you again soon!

Kevin MacLean said...

Nice test, Justin!

Me and Eric are still working on our puppets. Eric is actually away on vacation the next week and a half so I'm not sure when we'll be ready to come over.

I did find the Motion Picture F/X Company in Burbank you were telling me about. I'll have to check that place out.

CJandBuster said...

DOBER is Awsome! YOur run through had breat moves and excellent sounds and visuals!

Excited to see more.

CJandBuster said...

breat = great by the way. LOL

Old age and over worked causes that ya know. LOL

Thinking of starting a Dober fan Club.


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Very nice. You are LAIKA material dude. I see nothing but great things for you. Hope we get to meet in Portland one day.