Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stunt Puppet Pictures - LEGIT -

Hey guys,
Big Big Big things have been going on in our Stop mo universe lately and the Biggest STEP yet Toward our DREAM has been had............. HUGE STEP.......
We were contacted about a month ago by a Fan of our Film who had seen it on DELTA Airlines. This fan then was interested in our Next Short film in which we -SHEL - presented a Full package to him with all aspects of the NEW films Production. From Budget to Schedule......with pretty pictures ta boot.
This was enough to convince him to Invest in Us and our Film. freakin Cool!!!!

IF ANYONE OUT THERE DID'NT HEAR our SCREAMS of EXCITEMENT when he said YES!!!!!!!!!...... you must have had your happiness mufflers on.....cause we were STOKED!!!! You have to understand the HUGENESS of this event......H U G E N E S S !!!
Getting Funding for a Film is HARD....Getting funding for a short film is Damm near IMPOSSIBLE!!!

just a few short months ago Me and Shel were at the Sonoma Film fest and we went to our first Panel on getting investors for you projects. We were walking in the park after the panel ....our minds turning towards making it a goal not just for the feature but for our Next Short Film first.

We would get our feet wet and try to make it happen now on a smaller scale before going Big League.

Well just a few short weeks after we put it into the Collective World Energy-Consiousness. It happened........... WOW! Hard Work, Positivity and GoodLUCK!! is the recipe for sucess.If you Buid it they will Come!! We are now official - Stunt Puppet Pictures - is on a RocketShip to our Dreams! So........we are looking to finish this film in May of 2011......and its looking like its gona be another AMAZING Ride!!

In other NEWS.........Diving into the 3D filming universe......we were looking at many options and trying to figure out if it would be worth it.....-finding equipment- experts in the Stereography....

complication of shooting a Garage -Indie -3d Film of Quality?

so....we went to a 3D club last week thinking there would only be a few guys there and were suprised to see MANY.....very passionate and very friendly lovers of the 3D process....They all offered us Advice and pointed us toward people who could advise us in our 3D Adventure.

After meeting with our 3D advisor {Jason Goodman , 21rst Century 3D} Who also contacted us via DELTA Airlines........we decided it all comes down to the Slider equipment we will need to aquire.......if this piece is affordable and precise enough?? we will go for the Massive undertakeing of learning to film in 3D.

after all........ it will give us Much More marketability in selling the film in a couple of years as the need for content will be higher as 3D becomes home entertainment. It will also be Incredible experiance for us as Directors and another reason for HighRolling Investors to believe in us.

Well.....we found the piece we needed with some help from Dick Kaneshiro....{thanks!} and its on its way to our home for some animation tests I am scheduled to do in the next months.

Another BIG News and step toward our Feature is personally .........Letting go of some of the aspects of production. This is somthing that has in my past been challenging....But I am at a point now where I am going to embrace it in certain areas with open armsStop motion is such a Laborous and slow process.....having help will just allow us as storytellers to get to the storytelling that much faster. Its also helps us practicing for when we are directing many people on our FEATURE.

Our first move in opening myself to help was getting INTERNS to help us meet our deadlines.

Luckily we have been contacted by many eager artists who would love to learn some of the stopmo process and are willing to exchange work for that Knowledge. AWESOME! ......

Our very First Intern is - Cam Leeburg - I first met him Interning at {Shadow Machine-Robot chicken}.....and he said he was interested in helping out. After we got going on this project we asked him if he was still interested......YES...... Shel is totally Running the shop {Art Direction-Construction-Organization} and cam is learning to work with new materials {blue foam} and is doing a GREAT job!!!
Starting Tuesday Cam Will meet our 2nd Intern {Dick Kaneshiro}.......he and Cam will be learning - Armature - Foam Latex Puppet Construction- painting {Creating Backup Flea Pilots and Dober's}

....and if they wish to work on their own art....we can our facility -GARAGE

I also will be supplying them with some animation education as part of our payment for their help. I hope to do some videos with some ideas and basics on the fundamentals of animation occasonally....and will always provide Critiqs for any work they would like.

I am not there during the day when most of the garage work is happening so the videos hopefully will work. Plus they can keep them to look at anytime they wish.

Ships progress Week 5 - Shel started Mystery ship 3??Secret?? - Todd { my brother}.....has been brought in as a metal expert/helper and is working on the Ship Windows { Vacuform technology }....for our Transparent Cockpit Windows - He used to work in the FX industry years ago but has always been more on the Mechanical side of things . Animatronic puppets.....and Industrial Design.

We both went to Art School together and started in the same Program- Industrial Design FX- I switched to CG -Animation while he remained in FX. He has alot of experiance and tons of ART mechanical Gifts. He will also be makeing the Landing Gear for the flea Ship out of metal for us.Jeff is around less lately and is takeing on more of a consultant roll.......

All together this tuesday we will have 4-5 people in the garage working on our Film....WOW!!

All of this is so exciteing and fills me with energy while I'm at work....I imagine shel running a small scale shop like she will one day do on our feature.....makeing artistic decisions and organizeing tasks for all involved.

I have to stop myself from picking up the phone every hour to ask what happened ??? I wana be there too!!!! bottom Line- is I'm super proud of my lady and really excited about Life!

In GLD News- We were accepted to a few more fests- and we were denied by a couple too - ....Ill fill you in on those soon...

ohh yeah....Go see UP.It was a perfect Film!! I LOVED It!!



Darkstrider said...

Holy CRAP!!!!! So, THAT was the noise I heard!!!!

Wow, incredible news all around... so happy for you guys (and for all of us - your success means we get to follow the production and then see another incredible film!!!)

Shelley Noble said...

Big smiles over here, Guys.

This post had so many off the charts great news I don't know what's more exciting, that the Delta exposure has brought you together with some fantastically intelligent people who are grabbing the opportunity to support you, or that you got Yuji to finally allow a picture of himself somewhere?!

All of it, the interns, the fantastic work your bro will be doing for you, your vision for the larger projects, how organized everything is (thanks to Shel :))

So this is how it all happens!

John Pierro said...

I'm speechless.................. and so happy for you guys!
This is a true Pixar/Disney story in the making. You said it: build it and they will come, good words to live by. Hurray for Stunt Puppet Pictures!!!!!!

John Pierro said...
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rich johnson said...

Yeeeeaaaaas!!!! So happy for you guys! Congrats. You guys soooo deserve it. Woohoo!!

Alonso said...

HOLEY MOLEY! That's fantastic. Better watch out, before you guys know it you're gonna be making all the artistic decisions but not have time to get your hands dirty. So does funding mean it'll get done quicker, or just that you don't have to bet your personal financial well being on the film? That's so exciting, and mind boggling that you made it happen on a short!
And interns! You guys are gonna have to find studio space soon, won't be able to run a whole team out of your garage :)
Wonder how long until it comes full circle and you are contracting out to have video games made of your films :P
Super congratulations guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, congrats on getting your next film funded. I dig the production name by the way.

jriggity said...

Darkstrider}-Yes sir...that was us!

thanks for the support man.....Choooo chooo!!!!

Herself}-Ha! thanks Herself...We are incredibly thrilled about it all. Its all happening!

John Pierro}Disney-Pixar...I duno....ha!! but I like the comparison...We just want to tell our storys while working together.....

thanks so much for the support!!!

rich}Thanks dood!!!

Alonso} we have talked about this very subject man....I am in a leadership role at my day job and I didnt let that very thing happen to me here because I wouldnt.

there are certain elements of a production I will never let go of.....{STORY , Design, Animation} But I will colaberate and work with people to get the film done faster.

and LUCKILY I have an amazeing partner to carry some of the Decision makeing load.

QUICKER- no....ha! 2 years froom now is what we are looking at...We still both have Day Jobs and FULL balance. It does mean...we don't have to bet your personal financial well being on the film.

as for studio space soon--this is what we got and what we are gona use for this production. We will manage just fine.

BIG studio cost isnt on our menu for another 4 years or so....

ha...full circle would be a trip.....

Thanks for your support!

HwangNguyen}- hey man! thanks for coming by again! and thanks for the kind words!


Gregory Sesma said...

Way to go guys, you project keep sounding better and better.... and it's going to be in 3D!!!

Craig Harris said...

Super cool man!! Good to see Todd rockin some windows. Yer doin great Shel, can't wait to see the finished ships

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Mind: blown.

..o8Oo ...oOoOo oo .... o8Oo...

(emoticon for little bits of brain on the floor)

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ only one question:

do you know Joel Fletcher?

you want 3d tech: he's pretty up on it I'd assume.

(^ congratz.
see? letting others RANDOMLY see your stuff has its.. payoff.

(^ :: goes back to seeing if he can help a metalmadcat get a serious internship before blowing chunks on a college that won't do much more than put him in a financial hole::

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ just told this guy:

to look you up. happens to be VERY tollerant of my oddities:
one of the only persons in "the" (*cough*)industry I trust being myself around.

a few others, but he.. well. might be an interesting person to get to know.

hmnn. cantina pictures link still workin?
(^ coo.

and last, just because SOMEONE has to do this:
>"> May your days be filled with inspiration, creativity and robots
> ~Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel
spell checking " tollerence " =
tolerance teleconference belligerence conference

Dr.Steel PSA: "Alien Illuminati"

(^ yummm.

Yaz said...

Vaowwwwwww..... This is soooo amazing!!! I am really really very happy to hear all of these.. It is tuesday now and you must be working 4-5 people in the garage on your film now. You got what you deserved. So, May 2011.. another great film is coming!!! Congratulations Justin & Shel. It is great to see your dream come true.

Hermanos Encinas said...

The ships and the puppets looks really really great. Shel and you are in the best form to make stop motion: To be happy in whatever you make.

Good luck again in this proyect, which I follow from my blog.

I want to see Up! soon....

groovista said...

Hot Damn Tomatoes!

That's great Justin! Really looking forward to watching this project develop. Like so many other folks on SMA, you're mighty generous with tips and news.

"Set blasters on AMAZE!!!"

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

>"Set blasters on AMAZE!!!"

(^ but the fun part:
3Dviewing set on free viewing or on cross viewing?

(^ hint. the shot you got up is set on cross view:
the two pictures side to side:
I learned way way way too much about staring wall eyed at 3D "stereograms" back in houston texas while in college

there are 2 diffent ways to mount images not doing the sandwidged shot using interlaced polarized glasses to view etc.

free viewing = left eye shot on the right: right eye shot on the left:
cross viewing reversed.
think you are staring into a mirror:
the eye you SEE on the left is?.. the mirror's. right .

why am I saying all this?

who cares? what's the point?

(^ wellllll.
that shot of the 3 of you.. if I cross my eyes to get the three pictures out of two:
looking at the center one..
then the depth perception kicks in.

(^ I tried the wall eyed stare first: and the BACKGROUND popped into the foreground.

(^ have fungetting all this down for MOVING pictures.

(^ ouch my brain hurts

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ silly me. just go here:

(^ upper right hand pull down:

(^ darn it!! he USED to have these up in two shot side by side images!
he's gone all converted to anaglyph
on me! grrrr. tsk.
now the users have to get outmoded glasses that'll mess up the red portion of one of their eyes.
oh well.
here's the generic quote on the matter tho:
>joel> . The pictures were photographed with either my Nikon stereo rig or Nimslo camera. The stereo slide pairs were then converted to anaglyph format for this presentation. These anaglyph photos require red/cyan glasses to see the stereoscopic effect. See my links page if you are in need of a source for 3D glasses. The red lens goes over the left eye. Click on an image for a larger view...."

UbaTuber said...

Excelleny post, guys! I'm stoked that so much is happening for you, great to see a team of players forming! Your garage is inspiring :)

Ryan McCulloch said...

posts like this make my day. So happy that the world is your oyster.

emmyymme said...

That's fantastic, Congrats!!

Mad Max Winston said...

THAT IS AMAZING! So cool! Seriously, I am proud of you guys. Inspiring, as I try and figure out how to make my next film... Let me know if you need some help sometime or some animation help, or... ?

jriggity said...

Gregory Sesma } yep 3d it is - we dove in and are officially WET.
Stay Tuned

Craig}thanks man! and biz!

Sven } Wow we blew Svens Minds up......thats a serious accomplishment. The professors Mind can handle some serious computations!

Edwound Wisent } joel fletcher- No....but well look im up.

yes....the internet is Incredibly POWERFULL!! so many amazeing people Ive met in our travels.

Yaz} thanks a bunch !! and yep...weve had a crowded garage this week. And cool progress on our Film to share with you.

Hermanos Encinas } thanks for continued support man...and UP was really really great!

groovista }thanks dood! and star trek comments always get extra points from me.

Edwound Wisent } we are shooting just like coraline.....the pic on the blog was just for the cross eyed viewing.

UbaTuber }The Garage is a Magical place man....lots and lots happens in there.....whole worlds will appear and go through the story in slow motion for the next 2 years.

Ryan McCulloch } thanks dood....I see the worlds got Oysters for everybody out there. Ya just gota work ta find em!

emmyymme } thanks Lady!!

Mad Max Winston} thanks man....Ive definately been inspired by your work and travels over the last few years.....and I will give you a ring this week.


DJ Dyer said...

That is such exciting news!!
Love everything that's going on over here!

Kenneth Sipel said...

That is so cool. You put the energy out there and you know that you are ready for it to happen and so it did.
Absolutely beautiful!

wlaybourn said...

Justin! Wayne from Konami... i'm super inspired by you and your family and loved your last short.
I'm a fan and hope to follow you guys on your next adventure through the blog etc.

Keep up the great work and life. Good for you!