Friday, June 12, 2009

Story Boards Done!!


The entire Film is on Paper......big step. Had To Post.



Jared said...

That's totally awesome man! congrats!

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke, how long is the film and how did it take you to finish the storyboard? Congrats dude.

Shelley Noble said...

Even the way you showed that is fantastic! Another hit in the bag.

Nofby said...

Brillliant! Hardest bit out of the way now. This should be really fun to animate!

Gregory Sesma said...

Way to go Justin.

emmyymme said...

Wow, that's an impressive stack of storyboards!

rich johnson said...
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rich johnson said...

I edit and time out storyboards together all day long at my current day job and even though I have cut over 100 toons at this point, I am always amazed at how much work the board directors go through. It's a massive amount of work and soooo vital to the rest of the process!

What a BIG mountain to climb indeed!The view must be looking really nice from up there. Can't wait to see a glimpse of a couple of your panels and poses!


Metalmadcat said...


_m)Must be such a hard part of the entire process.

_m)It would be much interesting , for us all, to see those storyboards front page other than aside with little soldiers singing victorious...but hey you got to celebrate your own way.

Robert Litton said... that means we can score it now...right?!?

Yaz said...

Congrats! It must be a great feeling after 4 months of hard work.

Ryan McCulloch said...

holy crap

Anonymous said...

You don't bullshit around. That's ALL storyboards? Jeez. This is for a feature, right?

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ the most amusing part to ME is the knowledge that storyboard paper comes in different sizes:

(^ those sheets may well be 17 by 24 inches....
or larger?
wide screen? hmmn. and if in 3D.. do focus depth points also need be marked?

Alonso said...


hee hee, the little you at the bottome looks like you have a pumpkin head :P

jriggity said...

Jared- thanks dood

HwangNguyen- cool to see you again man.....the film will be 8-10 minuets

I've been boarding for 4 months ata a very sane pace.

Herself- thanks lady...

Nofby -Definate fun to animate!!
cant wait!!

Gregory Sesma- thanks dood....and nice meetin ya in person.

emmyymme- Agreed....alot of work.

rich johnson - thanks dood....Yes our boards I do different drawing for the actions that take in animatic form everything will be clear.

you must learn tons from editing that stuff all day.

Metalmadcat- yes, its...definately for sharing the story .....I think Im going to keep it under my hat so there is more suprise this time than with GLD.

Robert Litton - not quite! wait.

Yaz- Yess..... it does feel good.

Ryan is indeed crap of Holiness.....I cant imagine how hard a feature is going to be. Im going to hire a pro for that one.

Don- no just a short with all actions illustrated.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick - they are all different sizes....depending on complexity of shot.

3D.. do focus depth points also need be marked?-

probably but Im not going into that much depth. Im all about the story right now.

Alonso- thanks -and It sure does....hmmmmmmmm?

Kenneth Sipel said...

Are you going to make an animatic from the boards for timing or do you do that a different way?
Good for you keeping the story under wraps, but torturous for me.

jriggity said...

Kenneth Sipel} - yes ....I am most definately going to make an animatic.

being able to really watch the film is a Incredibly educational way to see what the final film will look like....and what needs to be fixed.

if you look at the animatics from my last can see just how close the final film was.


JP said...


Well done.

Hermanos Encinas said...

Congratullations Friends!!!

And thanks a lot for visit daily my blog!

A hug!

Alonso said...

Hey Justin, saw this and thought of you, I think you should tell people it's you before you got your tatoos :)