Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guitar Hero Spec Ad - Ethan Marak

Hey Guys,

Stop mo Brother {Ethan Marak}

has created a spec add for the - Guitar Hero - Nintendo DS version - in our wonderfull medium of stop motion animation. Check it out!

Its very High Quality work and I wish him MUCH Luck in his Directing adventures.



tonychauzer said...

So beautiful! On top of the wonderful animation / direction / lighting ... that camera rig is such a beast! I believe it came from Dick Kaneshiro right? Ethan's got skills!

By the video is posted in a wider format than usual and for some people it might get cut off (on my screen it overlaps the sidebar on the right)

You can expand your borders to allow for more space if you choose to. If you like your page exactly the way it is then skip the rest of this post!

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Hope that helps!

tonychauzer said...

Woops spotted a typo:

By the way the video is posted... *

Also forgot to mention that you use Ctrl+F to use the find function when searching for "#main". For any random reader who isn't familiar with it!

Jared said...

Whoa, dude that was awesome especially since my second passion is guitar. Its great to see someone finally do a decent stop motion electric guitar animation.
Thx for sharing!

Fish said...

Awsome man! Great lighting and animation! What's that puppet made of? Looks like the face and hands are clay and the rest is foam??


Ethan said...

Hey Fish-

The puppet is a brass ball-joint armature with foam build up and a hand-sewn costume over that. The face and hands are cast foam latex. Thanks for looking!

3d Works said...

hello folks!!
wow! is getting better! I work with 3D animation, but I have great appreciation for stop motion, and you are doing a wonderful job! remain so, I am following closely!