Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Planet Surface - Set Beginings

Hey guys,

just an update on progress.......

Shel's been working weekends on getting us to the planet surface. Where do we begin...right?

Thats a big task......I did some simple concept art and we discussed the feeling the planet needs to create to support the story. After that it was all up to Shel.

She started with a choice of foam base for terrain.....She and some help from Robert Litton Laid the ground plains for sculpting. Glueing 2 inch and 1 inch sheets around the surface.

Then Shel and our Intern Justin Connolly started sculpting the terrain.After Scultping the Shape -Shel Gooped the whole set up with a special recipe provided by experts.....It hardens to a strong shell and can be sanded nicely.
After a few layers of gooping and some additional sculpting-sanding.....Shel did some sand tests.......seeing if we could blend from clay as our main stage to the dried hard outer surface...which she mixed sand into.

After approval of this technique She moved into Placeing the ships in the resting places semi submerged into the planet surface..

then Cutting them into the floor......and figureing out how to stabelize them. After fitting them and figureing out how to lock them down.....Shel started painting with our awesome Intern Bridget Dash.
This ofcourse led to Squashing clay all over the main area of the Playground...where most of the acting takes place.After all of this we are starting to see the Planet take up Finish clay pressing and Dirtification of the ships......Adding the rock formations ...

then we tackle the BLUE SCREEN Monster....hmmmmm?



rich johnson said...

Looks cool. You guys are on fire!! Blue Screen Monster?! ROAAAAR!!!!

tonychauzer said...

hoooly crap. I remember thinking to myself when I first heard about Dober and the film, that this was probably going to be on a much bigger scale than GLD. Still I didn't expect it to be this big haha. Again thanks for posting so much for us to learn from - this is non-stop education! Must be an animator's dream to step into your garage and be immersed in your own film's world.

Shelley Noble said...

Everything and everyone looking fantastic! Like Tony sez, Non-Stop Stop-Mo. Loving the way the crashed ship looks partly into the surface. Rock on.

G said...
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Gregory Sesma said...

I'm amazed by all the details on this set. I can't wait for the nest thrilling instalment.

Yaz said...

Looks amazing as usual!!! And it seems like your daughter is having a lot fun here :)

amoebaboy said...

cool looking set guys, good luck with the screen.

Frank said...

This is great looking. I can't wait to see how it turns out when it's done.

emmyymme said...

Wow, looks amazing! Love the graphic look of the ship, and the texture of the terrain - this is really exciting to follow!

handmadeheroes said...

hey guys!
thanks for the feedback!

RICH and AMEOBABOY: Thanks! At this point we are so close to the end of our big pre-production push, that BIG BAD GREEN SCREEN MONSTER is going to have to fight LOTS of momentum.....i have no idea how we will solve it, but no question that we will!!!

TONY: yeah....we didn't expect it to be quite this big either....definitely a cool (but pretty crowded) dream....i have this image that once we close our garage door to shoot, the side walls are going to be buldging out!


GREG and FRANK: we can't wait either!!!

YAZ: yup. she wants to be a filmmaker/farmer/train driver/pet store owner when she grows up, however that all works out for her, i think the most important thing she's learning is to enjoy it!

THANKS EMMY! we're pretty excited our lighting designer comes to look at the set and talk stuff out.....big next step, we are both pretty psyched!

Fábio Belotte said...

good work. the characters to be fantastic. The process of your film's happen quickly. this is good, because pos-production requires time. his team is committed. all should work fine.

Noah said...

The puppets look like they're getting kinda dirty though

Noah said...
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jriggity said...

Fabio} thanks for droping by man!

Noah} yes these puppets are just old stand ins.....not the puppets we are shooting with.

Keeping them clean will be a task in itself though.

constant repainting....and lots of stand ins.



Damien said...

It just gets better and better...can't wait to see more! :)

Hermanos Encinas said...

Great Great Great!

I love these pictures. This familiar proyect is amazing.

I send you a lot of force from Puppets And Clay!

Anonymous said... guys are hard at work. It makes me feel lazy here. That picture of your daughter is funny.

Nathalia M said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about Bigger scale. This is just amazing! If only i didn't live in a tiny NY apt. I think i gotta move out to the country where there is space to build huge sets!
Nice work. I can't wait to see the next step.

Dustin Foust said...

Your stuff is amazing. I can't wait to see this finished.