Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Camera Move Test - And Eugene International Film Fest

Hey guys,

been on my first week of vacation from work and I finished the last of the Dober Replacement Heads for our Film . These heads dont look like much now but they will Run the entire Expression range when required on Film. The Eyebrows , ears , jowls and so on are all soft clay ready to be manipulated.
I will be cutting the heads off and placeing new heads on where needed....then re blending the clay into the neck in animation.
These heads like Gerald's - Were sculpted with all the expression required for the acting....Most of the Time -Dober- is Angry or Suprised .... so not nearly as many heads are required....also Gerald had a nice collar to hide the seams unlike Dober....so Ill have to pay more mind to that Throughout filming.

After experimenting with Flea and his replacement heads I've decided to just use his Foam Latex Sculpt and expression giving armature in his eyes and Jaw instead of replacements. His design specifically the Jaw was just to much of a pain in the ass to work with.

We had the Lighting Done this last week as well.....Alia Houser
came out and gave us a couple of hours for getting the ligts set up for the begining of shooting. She Will be back this week for lighting touchups next week.

A couple of last touches added to the set.... and some More Props for the Film - I finally managed to get a Camera Animation test.....

This was VERY exciting!! I learned alot during this test and know I can do it better next time....Its amazing how much more real the Tiny world becomes when the camera starts moving through it.
This is the GAP i worked in during the test - This Gapp was hidden through a Low camera Angle......and some small risers on the side of the set Near the ships.

It all started with My very first 2 Drilled holes in the set and Ship!!..Yikes!!! a bit scarry.This is somthing we plan to do alot of in this Film.

The big issue is the tiny shakes and uneveness of the camera......we have ideas on making the moves less shakey and well try it on the next try. This camera move was done by hand and just nudged along bit by bit.....with a Measuring tape as my guide.

In Festival NEWS - We just came home to Los Angeles from {Eugene International Film Fest}It was the first time we had ever been to Oregon......

The festival set us up at The Valley River Inn which was right across the street from the Theatre. We arrived very late Friday night and crashed out ready for tomorrows Movies and our Showing at 1 pm.

We grabbed breakfast and picked up our Festival passes......It was at the Regal Cinemas in a local Mall...

We watched some Short Films then readied ourselves for the Animation Family Block. We were the first film that played and the audience was really feeling it....

after the showing we did our Q and A which was fun and always informative to audiences . Most people have very little idea how Stopmotion films are even made....and definitly dont understand the TIME required.

We then enjoyed the entire day watching movies ......eating and talking about them .
Sunday was more of the same except for a Nice walk in the Park along the River and some Swingset Fun.

after all the shows -we went to the Awards Cerimony where we Enjoyed Lots of Conversation with the Local Volenteers and Filmakers. Incrededibly Super Ultra nice people..

We also Ended up Winning the "BEST ANIMATED SHORT Award" .....Awesome!!!
It was really cool because after the awards ....they played clips of all the films that Won or films requested for people that had'nt seen them. Ours got played in FULL and it recieved a nice big applause in viewing. Really cool......

It continues to amaze me how much people have responded to our film and how even now its thrilling to watch it with an audience. EVERY TIME!!! Ha!

Everyone that Ran the festival was INCREDIBLY NICE.......And really open to us.....this was the best experiance with the individual People we have had on our festival Tour. I cant wait to send them our new film in 2 years for consideration.

NEXT WEEK - We start Principal Photography. KIK OFF!!!!



Kramer Klaymation said...

Looking awesome. I can already seeing this film ranking up there next to Wallace and Gromit and other quality stop motion animations. Keep up the good work, I'm anxious to see more posts as well as the final result.

Mix Masta said...

Looking good, so uber excited to see this! Love being able to see all the progress along the way!

Mexican Viking said...

Fantastic work! It sure is amazing the amount of time it takes to get those shots looking as good as you got them. Congrats on the award too! Looking forward to seeing more!

tonychauzer said...

I am looovin' that lighting grid! The garage has really gotten quite a beautiful makeover... Major step up from GLD! That gap is scary though haha, but the shot shows major potential! Dig the adorable props and congrats on the win.

Thanks so much for sharing!

rich johnson said...

that shot turned out really nice. chroma key looks pro too. those just a bunch of fluorescent lights from hardware store? they work perfectly huh. nice.

those are looong tie down bolts.I guess you need those to get through the ships? or do they also provide another benefit?

I am learning so much by following your progress. thanks so much for sharing it really helps and inspires me every time you post.

man that has go to be a workout working in that gap though! your legs are going to be huge after this.

Congrats on the new win!

Alonso said...

ah man, so EPIC! So exciting to see stuff moving!! That camera move is already pretty smooth just from nudging, I'm sure it won't be hard to get it dead smooth. Did you sculpt the heads completely from scratch each one? Or is there a press mold that gives you a head start.

you guys have been to so many film festivals now. has your thinking regarding short films changed in any way from having watched so many? In other words, from your exposure to so many short films, have any good to do or not do things become really obvious to you two?

keep up the great work!

amoebaboy said...

wow ! looks fantastic guys.
great camera movment.
i was thinking of a crank opperated one with a long peice of all thread the lenghth of the track

jriggity said...

Kramer} Dang man....thats an AWESOME compliment.

We just hope to make another film that tells a good story and is a step up in quality from the last.

the posts will keep on comin.

Mix Masta}awesome man....thanks for posting! awesome to meet new people on the Blog.

Mexican Viking} Stop motion is all about TIME Consumption!! ha!! Its crazy how much goes into this stuff.

but agian....Pure MAGIC when it all comes together.

tonychauzer}This is definitely a Studio now - beyond mere Garage.

thanks...and you know well keep sharing!

Rich Johnson}thanks dood....and yes- just good ole cheap fluorescent lights with good bulbs...They work perfeectly!!

The long bolts are only to get throught the Ships....they will be walking over the ships in many scenes...so this requires Long bolts.

ha! Working in the Gap wasnt too bad at all...but I like getting excersize where I can find it.

Alonso} Thanks man...I did sculpt the heads individually...and they took way longer than I would have liked..Ha!

Our thinking regarding short films has only changed in making us clearer In what we want to do in our filmaking-

Clear Storys- Kinda Rare in a lot of Short Films we have seen

Positive Message - Film -

Quality Fun Animation -

amoebaboy} thanks man!!....a crank mover is definitely a step up ...and

we are looking into this as well.


Mike Adair said...

That camera test is amazing! It really makes the setting come alive and puts the viewer right there! Cool.
I used to go to Big Bear for youth group retreats in the winter. It's a beautiful place.

Hermanos Encinas said...


The animation test is amazing! Came on guy, your family and you are making one of the greats shorts of 2010!

Sending a huge huge, and see you in Animdarid 2010

John Pierro said...

I love seeing all the technical obstacles that have to be considered and overcome. It so helpful to see how you guys are pulling this all together. Sharing your journey is a great gift to all your supportive fans. Looks great!

Ryan McCulloch said...

Beautiful zoom shot man! looks awesome!

DJ Dyer said...

Congrats on your award!!

The sets everything are looking awesome! I am learning so much from your blog. Thank you!

Eric said...

That camera test looked amazing! You are right everything just comes alive. I can't wait to see more! Have you try to shot in 3d yet?

Yaz said...

Vaow Justin! That zoom test with the puppet waking up looking amazing. And more awards for GLD.. congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Quick question, is your lip sync going to be on ones or twos?

jriggity said...

Mike Adair}Thanks Mike - cant wait to share the newest test- It really shows the Set off

Hermanos Encinas}see you there man....thats what were shooting for

John Pierro}glad some people can get some usefullness out of the posts...and you guys support feeds me in our Goals

Ryan McCulloch}Thanks dood....its a whole new thing this moving camera stuff...ha!

DJ Dyer}thanks and Im really glad...

Eric}thanks man...and yes we have shot every test in 3d....and its working PERFECTLY.

Yaz}Thanks yaz!

A little blue alien}Im shooting on 2's.....no lip sync

Ryan said...

I want to thank you so much for continuing to share your progress. I've been following your blog for over two years and all of your work has been a huge inspiration. In fact it's been so inspiring that I finally decided to give stop motion a try and made a short film with some friends. You can see it here if you want to check it out - http://vimeo.com/6531040 .

Thanks again for sharing! I can't wait to see more!

Maarten said...

Nice camera movement! And great thing you can just make these films all in your own house..

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

This will look great in 3D. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed film. Any thoughts of swinging into stop-mo land, Portland OR, one day?

Gregory Sesma said...

The test looks gurrrrrrr ate!!!

Mad Max Winston said...

i like the gap idea. Also, I've noticed with those t-slot rods, I'm not sure what kind of "carriage" you have on it, but if you tighten the carriage tightener for each increment, instead of leaving it loose, it can sort of register it back into place each time. Maybe you are doing this, I dunno, but looks great! Can't wait to see more.

Paul (Vortex42) said...

Loving the progress guys! Keep on having fun!

Lyle Nagy said...

This is looking awesome!!! Can't wait to see it. And it is so cool you met Henry Selick!!!

Keep having fun!!!!!!!
By the way I am an animation student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and I am glad to see you liked our fair city and our festival