Sunday, September 11, 2011

Most FUN Ever!!

Hey guys!

Line -Here is a Shot from the montage


I just had an Incredible week at work guys....In fact the most FUN I have EVER had doing animation in my whole Career!!

Its such a funny thing.....It was nothing but a BLOCK- Just the KEY frames and some breakdowns timed out in preparation for the real shot....But jeeez loooouise...was it FUN.

It was a Fairly complicated shot - 3 NEW Characters -2 NEW vehicles - Nice Acting - serious Comedy and ACTION.....Yeeeeeee Haaawwww!!!!
All wrapped up in a 6 second shot.

I have been doing animation for a good while now ...and I have always loved it....but man.....this latest shot is just PURE MAGIC and FUN.

I was literally smiling all alone in the stage for hours and hours as I did the block. It was sooo freakin fun.....and completely confirms my being in the right place in life.

I am now tomorrow going into the new week....where the shot difficulties will start to come in...I will be rehearsing for 2 days and will be shooting for I am hoping to maintain the magic through the hard stuff.

otherwise- at the apartment..... I have been doing some cg animation on the weekends to get some pieces for my reel as I return in January to the cg world. I might Post some of them here as well.

Wish me luck guys!

In other cool news- Justin Connolley has done another great character concept for his thesis piece....
.and is posting on it over on his blog...check it out.



Rich Johnson. said...

awesome! What a great post. Man this is so cool that you are doing this. Your passion for what you do is inspiring!! sculpt looks incredible.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Nice shot Justin, and glad to hear things are going well at LAIKA.

Keep up the good work man

jensen said...

Inspiring stuff! Your enthusiasm for the craft is infectious and I'm sure that is showing in the work itself. I look forward to the next LAIKA release.

Shelley Noble said...

We can all feel your pure joy and excitement from here, Justin. Gives us joy too.

Steve Marshall said...

Dude, you and your blog posts are always so inspiring! Thanks!

Freckles said...

Are you really going back to CG so soon???? Stop motion needs you!!! Love the post! :)

jriggity said...

Rich Johnson} Thanks man!

yeah...Its so worth the pain and missing of the family- I am growing every day and Living a DREAM....thanks so much for your support.

...I am also trying to figure out who your actress is playing in our film.

Ill let you know as soon as I find out.

Jeff}Thanks man! Yeah....its a House of MAGIC. ...and will do.

Jensen}Thanks man....I cant wait for the world to see the new film....and thanks for commenting man! Its nice to see folks really visit the blog.

Shelly}Thanks Shelly....JOY is correct.

Steve} Thanks man...Nice to internet meet you!! Ill be watching your blog as well man.

Freckles} Yep....I have to return to pay the billz.....but I will be animating on our film no shortage of stopmotion from this end.

In fact I am so excited to get back on the film full time...and Get our next story out there to the world.


Alonso said...

you are a force of nature, working crazy stop mo all week then CGing up the weekends, unstoppable. Are you going back to games or gonna hit up ShadowMachines or a film shop or something? Best of luck.

kriz said...

I love checking out your work man, I always find some new detail in your clips.

Love the spark effect.

tonychauzer said...

Hey Justin, sounds like a hoot! Really looking forward to seeing both Paranorman and Line :)

After working with puppets for a long period of time how does CG feel to you now? Do you prefer one over the other?

It's great to see you having fun - keep the fire burning. Cheers.

jriggity said...

Alonso}I am definitely going back to games - I have a job thats waiting for me...the one I took leave from......but I am open to other cg work-film and Effects.

my main concern is getting stronger at whatever animation form I take on.

I am not considering stopmo work at the moment unless I cant find a cg job.


Kriz}Thanks man! great to see ya post.

tonychouser}well....I truly like them both so much....I love how comfortable cg stopmotion is-

I love how easy it is to just block things out - walk away and come back later-

I love the flexibility of cg- and the ability to experiment with timing.

BUT- stopmotion is still the most rewarding even though it has so many limitations.