Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paranorman Goes Public!!!

Hey guys!

In LINE News- - Flea starting repairs on his ship....

Hope Everybody Had an Awesome Holloween-

Aedon Was a Louse....Shel made this incredible costume with her mom ....and it turned out GREAT.

I am sure most of you already have seen the teaser trailer but I HAVE to post it here as a marker of a HUGE moment for me as an animator...THE very FIRST FEATURE Animated film I have ever worked on.....DREAM CHECK {J}

Not Only is it incredibly cool for the world to finally see a few glimpses of the world we at LAIKA have been living-working in....but......... I actually have work that made the trailer. That is something I NEVER Expected in a gajillion years.

We were all gathered in the theater for A Monday Meeting with Travis Knight Introducing the teaser to a group of EAGER Laikans. With the First POW....of norman waking and the start of the music.....I GOT HUGE goosebumps right up my shoulders...

SERIOUSLY.....I was like a bit after another working with the music WONDERFULLY......and then.....POW.....My work...made it in the teaser.

GOOSEBUMPS again...for the second the one minute....I wanted to look to my right and left and say- Thats MY Shot!!!! he heeeee heee...

but I played it ended and I just clapped...... a Real clap....with my jaw on the floor in total surprise. I had no idea what the trailer would contain or what angle they would take in the first public release.


Not 1 word of Dialog-a truly Awesome Song that Brings you right into the world....and directly relates to our film.....and it shows tons of HIGH QUALITY without showing a thing.

I could not have been happier or more surprised on any level..

I will leave you guys with this-Paranorman- is going to be a CLASSIC- stop mo Masterpiece.
and the work on this film is going to Blow you guys away.

-cool news- GLD has won its 26th festival....still stretching his paws all over the world.
anifestrozafa2011 - All the way In Albania...we are Honored to have been chosen by them and Cant wait to share LINE with the world too.

one last thing

and I think this video that comes from LAIKA is pretty freakin cool-enjoy

Trick of the week- Back again....


Ben Whitehouse said...

Ahh I was wondering when you would blog the trailer :) haha!

Dude, I really can not express how amazing the trailer is! I have now lost count of how many times I have watched it,frame by framed it, studied it and screenshot it!
I think maybe the best word that can describe my reaction is speechless. I am utterly besotted with this movie already.
Super proud of ya matey! I cant even imagine how you must be feeling right now but what ever it is you deserve too and ten fold.

Also Aedon's costume is soooo cool! Massive props to Shel on that!

And double also, that shot of Flea is stunning. Beautiful movement.

Big high fives all round!!!!!

Emily Tomasik said...

I watched the trailer on lineboila while ago and was totally blown away. I CAN'T WAIT to see that movie!!! What a huge and awesome accomplishment for you! WOO HOO!!!

Aedon's costume totally blew mine out of the water- now who's idea was it to be a louse? hahaha I love it!!

Congrats on everything- what an exciting future you have ahead of you!

Alonso said...

so awesome, congrats! Can't wait to see it, many times :) Such a cool song. That's a pretty rockin costume too :)

How's your unicycling skills? Any tips for me, I just grabbed one at a garage sale for a buck.

I didn't know you'd done time in Animation Mentor, since you haven't put anything up I'm guessin it was too basic for you and you didn't spend a lot of time in there?

jmanu said...

wow Justin, congratulations! the movie looks fantastic
I can`t wait to see it!
The disguise of Aedon: awesome, so creative and original.
Congrats too for the selection of gerald, great news!

Mic said...

CON GRA TU LA TIONsssss!!! Man glad I finally have a clue of the next Laika film, but also on what you have been working on all these weeks!

As a learning animator, man I appreciate every little experience you post here (maybe too little ;)

anyway, can you detail us wich shots from the teaser are the ones you worked on?

Cheers from Chile!


Carla Veldman said...

Paranorman looks AMAZING, and I am SO excited to see it when it comes out!! The puppets, sets, animation all look fantastic, and I've heard the story is really solid. What an awesome production to be a part of!

Also - that louse costume - amaaaazing! hahaha.

p.s. Nice to hear GLD is still kickin' it in the fests! Woo!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fleas animation is awesome. I love it!

jriggity said...

Ben}yep...just needed to find a second...LAIKA's got me working 6 days a week glad you liked it too man.

Shel rocked that costume...I ll tell her you dug it as well.

Emily}Its gona be great gona really be blown away.....It was all aedons idea....

as you might now...Lice in schools is a thing when your it came to her mind.

Alonso}me too man...exactly -many times...ha!

I actually can ride a unicycle...I got shel one many many christmases ago....she is actually way better than me at it. She had one as a little girl and would go all over berkly on it as a kid.

Great deal...1 only tip is start with one foot on the pedal and push up into it for takeoff.

Yeah...Way back...I got a free 2 courses from the first classes....I would have loved to contimue but I switched jobs.

I spent a little time in there just checkin out the curriculum...which was fantastic!! I was very impressed by the true education of the craft and the illustration of the fundamentals.

jmanu}Thanks bro!!

Mic}thanks again man...i did the shot right after the word HERO...where Norman is running toward the screen in a mid shot and the spikes are coming out of the ground- he is avoiding them.

Carla}thanks Carla! its so be a part of this one...and more to come!! thanks

Hwang}thanks bro!!

Rich Johnson said...

congrats on another win for GLD!! so cool to see it have such a long life on the road like that. trailer is epic man. so excited for you!

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