Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back Breaker- BIG shot

Hey Guys,

sorry for the pause between the last post....been super busy-

Film Animating- Freelance Animating -and Day job Animating - LOTS of FUN stuff for me...

I am just 4 weeks from E3 which happens to be our also be our ALPHA date.....This is a HUGE deadline at work before the title ships....Our Game was announced and is going to be a HUGE hit this Holiday so keep an eye out!!!

so....on to the Film.....

I spent the last 2.5 weeks on this Monster shot which was just a BIG ole pain filled piece of work.
 Nothing was comfy about this set up......and I knew it was gona take a serious amount of time to accomplish.

For this shot I had to crawl up on the set almost every frame to reach the puppet.....
The puppets for most of the shot were supported by my trusty 5 pound weight

which is not the most precise way to maintain controll of a puppets poses through a piece of animation.........I usually had to crawl crawl all the way under the tables and try and hook up a tie down for the feet......recipe for a stiff back.

....I spent time trying not to squish the clay too much...
or bump the set pieces too much to recover in post....which of course happend..ha!!

I knew the set was going to shift over such a long shot.........I also knew that my puppet might not make it all the way through the shot in tact.{Dober broke-2wice}...

.but I started this one with some serious hope and excitement for a possible REEL piece of animation......

 technical difficulties - whatever........ performance - the most important element....Is what I was really worried about...and I worked that out in advance with my trusty film Partner- Shel.

Instead of Drawing thumbnails for this ....I decided the walk through approach was the BEST approach.....we literally went into the garage.....and Choreographed the path with a broken stunt puppet in hand....

we tried to get most of what we wanted in the path- flips and Nimbleness...close calls- and then some fun timing in the animation that would keep the tempo from being too Flat or even.

after that it was just HARD work

so.....after a couple weeks of feeling  low back pain.....i finally finished this guy and am here to share it with you.

I was fairly happy with the shot but I feel some of the moves needed different staging for optimal read - which i hope to apply with some tasty cut ins and closeups.

there is definitely opportunity for some Fun shots and We hope to take advantage of it......

here are the NAKED frames to show the behind the scenes magic before I painted out the wire...

so....onto the NEXT big challenge which after some fun one nighter shots- I will have to figure out
how to do a sandstorm in Cotton balls......stay tuned for some fun tests on that one.

In other news I have been doing some freelance again at a few of the local studios.....this has been incredibly rewarding and great for paying some billz all together....Its truly an exciting time for stopmotion animation out there....and I feel so lucky to be able to animate on both sides of the fence.

Big cool adventures ahead-

In Paranorman news-we have the Art of Book up for pre order on Amazon and I love the cover!!
It just says it all to me.....

I also just saw on that Paranorman figures are up toy collecting dork hairs were tingling when I saw these!! I am so excited that our film will have figures...he he

As for the trick of the week - I am injured at the moment again with a groin pull{sucks} always warm up guys.......... but I am still managing to throw a couple of stunts here and there in prep for my Bday at the stuntnasium!!!!!.

 Trick of the week-

FrogHop to front

Aedon Obstacle course-

Robert - monkey skip hop-



Ben Whitehouse said...

Wow!!! That shot is just.....WOW. So many awesome things going on there dude!

Good luck with Playstation Allstars! I know its gonna be a hit!

Paranorman is getting closer and closer I can almost smell the awesomeness.

Hope all is well mate! Keep up the super inspiring work

Shelley Noble said...

Wham! Bang! Zorf! Way to knock out a challenge, Justin and Shel!

Lemme get straight: You use tie downs AND the weight for off the ground Moves? But not the weight if pupp feet are tied down?

Jeff Lafferty said...

That shot really looks good. Very impressive!


Rich Johnson said...

holly freaking wow. that shot was freakin crazy! love the choices you made.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I love the animation. Gonna have have to pick up some ParaNorma toys. haha...and the "b-johnson" inside joke.

Pete Ellis said...

Fantastic shot dude, well done. I didn't notice any camera tilts. You more than got away with it. Awesome work pal!!!

jriggity said...

Ben}Thanks man!! Glad ya liked it....

yeah man....this holiday season it will be in store all over the GLOBE....

As for Paranorman....YES....i can smell it to man....I am so excited to see the final product and the package all wrapped up purty style.

Ill keep posting as long as you do too your posts lately so much.

Shelly}ha! thanks...Yes...the weight come in whenever I need to Balance a hard position or The puppet leaves the Ground.

and when the Weight isnt there I am just using the feet tiedowns.

Jeff}thanks jeff!!

Rich}thanks and shel choreographed it Ill let her know ya liked it.

Hwang}Ha!! B johnson is rasch family special basically means GO- your on tape.

it all started with b johnsons team Puma web site....where we had to video challenges - now its part of our world forever.

Pete}thanks PETE!!

Josh Mahan said...

Just saw you in an article on Slashfilm!

Alonso said...

Awesome stuff, such a fun body mechanics shot. Now I'm really excited to see the fight scene between them, because I just know it will be super fun!!

Didn't you have an internt at one point pushing the take picture button? Couldn't you just stick them under the table and have them tie down feet for you? (that's what interns are for - abuse. right? )

man wish I had a basement like you guys :)

Freckles said...

You are a machine!! That shot looks amazing... although hopefully not too much of a nightmare to comp our that rig.
Can't wait for the sandstorm, sounds awesome!

tonychauzer said...

Dang that's one impressive shot Justin. Really spot on spacing on those moves. Kudos man!

I was reading this article about Laika that got passed around at work:

Look who's there towards the bottom! Badass man :) Keep killin' it.

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JON said...

Beautiful work, dude! You're a stop motion samurai! Can't wait to see what you do with the sandstorm. All the best!

amoebaboy said...

so much action in one shot. *takes hat off*

tom said...

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