Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Half Way There!!!!!! and questions answered!!

Hey guys!

  We are Blown away by what has been happening in our kickstarter campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are now well over half way there and .....I honestly did not know if we would even get that far.

INCREDIBLE. is a video of how we were feeling right then and there......finding out we broke the 50% mark.

and here is our second video talking about Our favorite moments in the making of the film...

         more to come....

              and some new rewards soon too!!!



Rich Johnson said...

awesome! congrats! half way!!

gl. said...

the "REENACTMENT" totally cracked me up. :)

Max said...

Hi guys, living the trailer and the voice over by grandpa! Half way reached and you must feel elated. I have been showing the kids at school your regular updates and they also love what you have done so far. Gerald is pride and place as 'head' if the creative corner, I have a few that want to be animators, do they know what they will be letting themselves in for?! Keep it up guys, Max