Sunday, April 12, 2015

11 shots and a CREDIT!

Hey guys,

    I was told during Paranorman that after 10 approved shots you get a credit!!

 This..... I am pretty sure this was a joke but I took a mental note and since then and have used it as goal on every Film or Show that I have worked on.

Well....I just got my 11th shot approved last Friday and I am feeling like a real part of the crew.

It sounds silly........ but I often feel like I am just a CG guy who is pretending to be a stopmotion animator. I feel like I don't totally fit in or like I am just there because I lucked my way in.

Sneaked in?

It is just insecurity and I am aware of that....but depending on how good or bad a shot is going those thoughts can creep in.

either way-

My sequence is looking pretty freakin cool..... and I do feel I am mostly in the groove of stopmotion production..

I am in the start of my fourth month at LAIKA and with November being the end of my time in Portland I am excited to think I will have another 30 possible shots before the end.

One of the really magical things that are happening right now with my shots are that VFX is starting to get ahold of them.

VFX usually is like the cherry ontop of most stopmotion shots {effects-fog-dust-particles-comping-wire removal}  but in my sequence they have a much greater relationship.

The work on the shots I have been completing has been incredible to watch!!

They are doing many of the basic VFX effects but there is a GIANT environment element that is interacting with our characters and to see it all comped in with what I have animated is BREATHTAKING!! WOW.....its a very special High.

It looks so amazing all together and fells like Pure movie magic to see it Projected on the BIGSCREEN.

Its crazy to think how far away the films release is.....but It is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!

   In family news -

 I just had my wife and daughter here for spring break and was lucky to have the Bring your Kid to work day at LAIKA.

 LAIKA ran a great little tour of the various departments and really showed some amazing creations that will be showing up on the big screen next year. I felt so proud to share this with the family and even got to take them on my sets where I will be spending the next 6 months.

It was a very clear picture for them to imagine where daddy spends his days.

And a really cool peak into the whole KUBO cast and sets.

             another year of wait for the rest of you guys 2016 seems so far away!!

                        cant wait!!



DC said...
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gl. said...

So great, Justin! We're thinking of you over in this corner of Portland! :D

Mayumi Elisa said...
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