Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hey guys!

   I am nearing the end of my adventure on KUBO and the 2 strings. I have just 10 weeks left
on the film before I heard back to CG land.

The way time fly's on this production It will pass way faster than I want......but at the same time I am very very excited to get home to my family!!

and UNDO....ha!

I have gotten 25 shots approved now and the next 2 shots on my list are what I call the { REASON I CAME TO LAIKA } shots

These are the 2 coolest -EPIC and most visually exciting shots that I would have done so far.  In other words - GREAT for the REEL and exciting in the doing.

There is Complicated character action...Complicated Element animation with Complicated camera moves. The shots are also both 6 - 10 seconds long which means bigger chunks of screen time.

Most of my shots have been between 2- 4 seconds....due to quick cuts..... so a 10 second piece  feels EPIC.

Wish me Luck!!! a tense production ......

I had a big moment of growth 3 weeks ago......

I found my confidence.....after having a serious low in production.....

I had a shot that I rushed through due to production push and I was not happy with the outcome.

 I was in fact even embarrassed....ashamed.

The shot was approved { owwwch } and I learned a BIG lesson.....


when production is pushing you to finish a shot faster than is required....faster than you are comfortable with......Faster than you  NEED...

   step back .....

and say......THIS IS FOREVER......This shot will be up in CINEMA animation history FOREVER!!!

    I understand productions job of keeping things moving.....and I also have come to understand they really don't care if the shot is good or not.......{serviceable} they just want it checked off on the to do list.

BUT an animator - YOU must PROTECT THE SHOT -

 In the end.... that shot could sting your eyes for the rest of well as hurt your reputation as an animator.

When the production is over and they look back at your one will will remember how long it took.....they will remember is it GOOD or BAD.

  So after I figured out this creating a bad shot. I have decided to never let that happen again. The animation we are doing on KUBO is the hardest most complicated stuff in stop mo history.

AND - it is at the highest level of LAIKA is known for.


I have felt such a relief and JOY in my last 3 weeks at work.

Creating fun animation!!! ......with confidence that I will do my very VERY best to make sure the shots are as high quality as I can.....and that the shot is protected RESPECTED for its complexity and time requirements.

I am going to Savor every frame that I take in the Last 10 weeks and the BIG shots I am undertaking.....
I plan on POURING every ounce of my passion and soul into the making.




Anonymous said...

great post buddie!

Alonso said...

fight on brother, you sound like a knight :)

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