Saturday, December 26, 2015

KUBO teaser and LAIKA 10 year anniversary!!

Hey Guys!

   Happy Holidays.....I am enjoying the start to a much needed break from non stop deadlines
and the lifestyle of a professional animator.

   I have been very excited to share that KUBO finally released a teaser video for the film I worked on this last year.

here is a peek.

this played in Front of the New Star Wars film and the amount of eyes that put on our film is priceless. This video shows all the characters I was able to animate on the film.....My main focus was
with the Monkey and Woman with the cape and Hat. But I animated Kubo and the Big guy in a few shots as well.

also in the last week LAIKA released their 10 year anniversary video .
Its so amazing to think the studio has been here now 10 years.....and so cool to see the library expand.

there are a bunch more KUBO peeks in the 10 year video as well.

I also have a BUNCH of shots in this as well as time lapse videos of me animating when I was on Kubo and Paranorman. I am super honored to have some work in this video because I remember first seeing Coraline so many years ago and being blown away by what Stopmotion was capable of being.

August 2016 KUBO will be here and I cant wait to see it.....and share with the whole world.





Shelley Noble said...

Hey, Justin, Congrats on the top level work. There are lucky to have you.

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