Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Pound set begins! FIRST POST!!

This last 2 weeks Shel and I {mostly shel} has been working on the Pound set.Finding the materials. Building for comfort , camera angles , and removeability of walls.

It started with some napkin drawings over dinner......and some sample pictures taken for
measurements and angles. I should shoot my first test this thursday evening.


I am planning on having the Rich Couple walk in then settle in front of the cage.
Nothing more.....just wanting to feel the two of them moving together.
Heres some pics of the progress.

After this week the set will start to be dressed with all the little details that will bring it to
life and give it a new level of depth.

justin / jriggity

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Darko Romanov said...

well... just bookmarked your blog!I look forward for news!