Monday, May 16, 2016

KUBO 3rd trailer and Overwatch shorts

Hey Guys!

Here is the 3rd Trailer for KUBO and my favorite yet. It really captures the adventure and cool vibe of the film.

I get goosebumps watching it and cant wait to share it with my family and the rest of you!!!!!!

I just have to say that being part of film making was something I have always wanted to do since I was a young kid and to see that dream realized is thrilling in a way I can not express.

Growing up watching and loving so many great Animated , SCI FI ,  Adventure and Horror films.
I am Completely shaped and Inspired by so much of 80's cinema.......

I really had no idea really how you get from Miami Florida to being part of Feature Animated movies......I only knew I like doing art work.

I feel utterly giddy every time I have that Dream realized.

   3 months Till it hits theaters....I CANT WAIT!!

 in other art news...

      My work at Blizzard continues to be crazy Fun and full of personal GROWTH.

we just today are releasing our 4th character short for the upcoming game.

Here is our Trailer to the Overwatch characters-

and here are 2 of the individual cinematics- more to come

Winston - Reaper

Tracer -  Widow



Shelley Noble said...

Didn't know about the new feature until you wrote about it. Always digging your passion for your projects.

Unknown said...

It has been a long time since you have posted on your blog. Now I know why. Freakin double flip pants on fire high five man. Two productions different mediums and both pushing boundaries in animation. When are you going to work with ILM? Han movie...

jriggity said...

Hey Guys!

Shelly} thanks so much...

{Rich} yeah man....I have been busy as heck....and working on these cg shows have been alot of work lately. Ha! I would be so honored to work for ILM......but man Im not on that level yet.

maybe someday??


Steve said...

You're a star dude!

BrianCoyDesign said...

Incredible job on Kubo! I was truly amazed at some of the new techniques and the fluidity of the animation is amazing. You've been really busy. Are you planning any new stop motion projects of your own?

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