Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Little Girl!

This is a HUGE Milestone for me on this project. This maquette is the 9th character
design in my film realized in the 3rd dimension.

I will mold her puppet version next then I will officially be out of the post production phase
an into the ANIMATION Section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

justin / jriggity


Craig said...

Great job!! Keep rockin it dood!!

-Craig "Maaarrrk my weeerrrrds" Harris

Ale said...

Wow man!
That's really awesome!
Your characters rock and your animation is inspiring.

Welcome to the blogsphere!
Enjoy the ride!

Ale said...

(I'm SO adding you to my links!!)

herself said...

Hi Justin and Shel, I'm friends with some of your friends from the SMA board. I got here from Darkstrider's link today. Wow, you really seem, not only very talented in terms of sculpting, but also highly organized and clear on how to best proceed with your project. I'm really impressed and will be reading to follow your example.

Best of luck with it! Shelley

jriggity said...

wow!! thanks guys

i never thought id get comments!ha ha!


I appreciate your comments.
I am leaving to mexico for a family vacation....but as soon as
I return I will be bloggin regularly.

jriggity / justin

Michael Granberry said...


After weeks of wondering I FINALLY figure out who "jriggity" is! And doggone he's talented...your work is eye-poppingly good. Look forward to learning more about you (and from you) thru the new blog...

All the best in the new year,