Monday, January 8, 2007

18 months and a Lombax

I just finished the last push of an 18 month project as of dec 19 th 2006.
Me and a small team of animators produced 30 minuets of Pre rendered Cinematics
for a video game company. We also had the pleasure of giving life to a Large cast of
super cool monsters and robots!

I recieved 4 weeks vacation and am excited to start working more regularly on my
Personal Film.

Here are some clips I animated for the game.....we had a decent schedule...but being
Handed 1 - 2 minuets of a script can be daunting. It is also really satisfying once finished.
Total ownership of your work.



Ale said...

Really good animation and moves man!

Nothing like clay anyway ;)
Keep it up!

jriggity said...

Thanks Ale!

Stopmotion...I agree.....

Im not at all a hater of Cg..In fact I love it!!

.....but its just so magical to watch somthing come to life in your hands.

Its also a completely different process which allows the big suprise in the end....while 3d is such a gradual process.

Its kindof like knowing the ending of a movie while your watching it.