Monday, January 8, 2007

Mexico And Metaphors

Well..... Back from Mexico. We arrived home in los angeles and gladly plopped onto our beds after 2 days of crampt car traveling battleing boarders and greasy food....yuck!

The family relaxed and loafed around on the beach and shelly climbed a couple of mountains , a couple of Big mountains.

on the last day......the grandparents took our youngest so me and shelly could have a few hours to enjoy completly alone. We decided to go for a hike .... got in the car......and found a MONSTER sized mountain that we agreed to climb.

It was the kinda mountain that was borderline too big. You just start walking and hope theirs a path or somthing to grab onto at the top.

If you've picked mountains to climb before...their are some at the bottom {you dont truly think youll get up sometimes} butyou try anyways.... this was one of those.

well..... we started walking...through big scratchy brush.....cactus spikes and slippery ground.
Their wasnt an easy way up. Wondering if it was a good idea.....we pushed on. It was much bigger than it looked.....the rocky top was a mountain unto itself...........we stopped for a rest at
about the half way mark....this was easily a good point to turn around...

This is where I started drawing connections.....This mountain was a cheesy metaphor for our
Films. We are halfway up the mountain of our project...and the peek is still far away. Far away
with no good way up.

Yep.......we kept climbing......and you know what .....we found a path.... a piece of earth just asking to be climbed up.

It was hard and it was fun ......and when we got to the top.


We made was bueatifull and very very rewarding.....Exactly how this Film is
gona feel when finished.

Hard in the begining trek{Learning how to do stop motion}.....
.....finding our way {becoming comfortable with the craft}
....working hard....{drawing ,sculpting, molding, building, lighting , inventing and animating}
...then the PAYOFF!!!!

A Story told.... lifeless characters givin life......and growth as artists.



Darkstrider said...

Wow, great stuff man! I'm wondering how you got upside-down in the one pic!

You know... you're starting to remind me of Fred Stuhr if you know who that is. He was an extreme sports enthusiast as well as a great stopmo animator.

jriggity said...

Thanks Strider!

I dont know of him but it sound familiar.

He definately sounds like my type of dood though. Ha!

I used to be a gymnast when striving for powerfull ninja ness... gave me the skills to sidefilp the dune.

Ill definately look fred up.

thanks for stopin by again.


Darkstrider said...

He did the Tool videos for Sober and Prison Sex. Some really great animation. Marc Spess has a good page with those videos plus a few more things Fred did: - Fred Stuhr vids

Or if you don't have a windows media player you can go to YouTube and search for Tool videos.