Saturday, January 27, 2007

The 3 Carlitos!

I just finished 3 Carlitos with matching tattoos tonight . This puppet is now ready for film and
dying to be animated.Carlito{Toughguy Skinny} is the good friend and counterpart to Manny {The toughguy Fat}.
Story Boards and animatics are all thats on my to do list for the next few weeks. I probably will throw in an animation test as well.....
Shel is hard at work on the 3 little pasting and Getting ready for painting them up.



Darkstrider said...

Those guys almost look like little self-portraits!

jriggity said...

Ha !....I knew somebody would make that comparrison.


Kevin MacLean said...

Nice work!!

Ethan said...

Everything is looking really cool! I'm super impressed with your progress- just the shear number of puppets you've made blows me away!
I wonder if you will actually have any breakage problems that will require the backups? If not- you have two nice trophy pieces for show and tell once your film is in the festivals!

jriggity said...

Thanks guys!

I hope not to have test puppets during the tests have all gotten pretty beat up.

so it wouldnt suprise me if one snapped after a few shots.

usually the break at the ankles or
wrist sometimes.

either way...yes Ill have some fun christmas ornaments and display pieces.

thanks for stoping by guys.


Jean said...

Glad you have sent your copyrights so you are comfortable posting more pix. You and Shel have the main ingredient to do this - passion for your project. We'll keep dropping by - it's great - like having a virtual studio.