Monday, January 22, 2007

Little Girl PUPPET!!

I am on the last week of my vacation and am very pleased with the progress We have made In the Film.

One of the major accomplishments is the Little girl puppet. I sculpted the girl in about 4 nights.

We molded her.....Shel and I built the 3 armatures for her puppets and ran 2 {one failed}.

The pics Show various parts of the puppet process.... design - sculpt - mold - armature - foam - painting. {Shel gives me a second pair of eyes in every process I complete} the pic of her holding the little girl sculpt Is her making sure I did a good job before we go into molding.

The last puppets being completed will be a large shift in my focuses. I will start turning my storyboards into animatics to fully realize the timing and flow of the piece. We have 6 major sequences that will be made into animatics with final Dialog . The choreography and the animation will be designed by myself and shel. Which will lead right into my first full SHOT for this Film.




Sven Bonnichsen said...

What went wrong with the one casting that didn't turn out?

jriggity said...

I have no idea?? The mix seemed be be off.....or maybe the chemicals were to cold ...not shaken enough.

it came out totally shriveled and nasty.

either way happens.

I never know what to expect with the foaming. Dark magic!



Sven Bonnichsen said...


...Next time sacrifice more goat.


herself said...

I am bamboozled by your rapid progress, Justin! Even for a vacationer with an uberpartner like Shell you are rocketing. Furthermore, you seem to know exactly how the film creation process works and have each phase clearly organized. How did that happen for you? Jobs? School? Magic? I know nothing about the backgrounds you and Shell come from and I'd like to.

jriggity said...

Thanks herself!

We actually had no idea how to make a stop motion film. I wanted to make a film in the medium
{I had a story}...and I just started reading....creating and picking information anywhere I could get it.

I have been through the short film process a few times before.In 2d and in cg.....but never in stop motion. This is a first.That experiance definately carries over in some ways.

I am an artist/animator - always have been....went to art school with hopes to animate.

Switched to cg as my focus - due to the visuals coming out of film.
{animation in particular}jurrasic park is what did it for me.{ never saw stop motion look that good.}

shel is a professional dancer / choreographer. She has a biz teaching Alexander technique / Sematic experiance and Poladies.

shel isnt a trained artist but she has all the characteristics of a natural.

Other than that......PURE PASSION for my art is what keeps driving me and has drove me over the last year.


herself said...

Very impressive--both of you!! Passion makes for the best work I think!

I haven't seen how many other stop motionists go about their productions--but I can see yours is clean, organized, and rocking, just the same. I don't have to know everything about a subject to recognize when someone doing something great!