Friday, January 19, 2007

Quick animation Test

Hey guys,I did this test the other day to get my bearings on the set Ill be animating with for the next little bit.The concept of the shot would have the charcaters heads cut off at the top.
You wouldnt see the faces....thats why their are no eyes or mouth movement.
It took 2 nights. probably 12 hours of work.I first animated to some scratch dialog then copied in the Real dialog to see how it sounded....hence the not totally matching vo.
This is also my first shoot using my Digital still and a spy worked pretty easy....and cant wait to it again.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Damn, Justin! That animation rocks! I am consistently impressed with the quality of what you're doing.

You make me want to do my own animation better... Which I suppose is a textbook definition of "raising the bar." :-)

PS: I've been reading since your blog started -- but only just put together a google account so I could comment.

Darkstrider said...

Yeah, that's really sweet! Could add another dimension of coolness if the camera would move slightly now and then, like a dog's eye view.

jriggity said...

Thanks Sven! I really appreciate your words....I am truly putting my heart into this project and I have a clear vision of the finished FILM.

Great idea Strider!!

I feel way overwhelmed with the technicalities of my project to add the dogs eye view into the mix too.

Yikes!!! So much going on in a shot Im trying to keep in mind.

Maybe I could do it in post??

what do ya think?


Greg said...

Looks incredible, Justin. You have to be absolutely thrilled to see the project get to this stage.

It's fantastic to hear Dad's voice coming out of the WASPy snob. Can't wait to hear his failed attempt at an urban hard ass.


Michael Granberry said...

Wow, Justin, that's some GREAT character animation going on there! I love the broadness of the gestures, which seems like a good choice since you don't plan to show their heads. Awesome!

Frankenbulb said...

Wow man...Powerful!! Beautiful work. Set looks great too. The movement and look of the two really feel rich and snobby. Cant wait to see the Homies. Haha.

Darkstrider said...

Oh yeah, you could definitely do it in post! In fact, you could take the test shot or one done just like it and do your cropping in post, decide exactly where to cut off the heads etc, add in 'dogseye' moves etc. One of the great things about using a digi-still cam!

herself said...

Damn, Justin. That is fantastic work. so completely professional. The VO characterizations are superior standard to any private production I've heard. The access to high end recording equipment really shows up, along with some very creative talents.

Where did you come from?!

Animator X said...

Shel, AWESOME sets. Very feature film looking!