Friday, February 9, 2007

Dog Sculpted and Molded .

Well I did it..... and I did it one day early.....Yesss!
I finished the Dog in 2 nights of sculpting 1 night of molding.

I've really embraced the idea of doing the main char in Foam....all my previous reservations are gone......and have been replaced by excitement for how Much fun and easy the Foam char will be to animate.
My old teacher from art school gave me some great advice on Molding my maquette of the dog
in silicone to save time....{Instead of making a new sculpt} I already had the new dog at 80% sculpted when I got the information from him......and I didnt have the silicone on I decided just to finish the dog and use the information he gave me to make nice resin copies of my maquettes for gifts or fun statues to sell after the film releases.
Well more X 's for the super list......and on to the Foaming of {Gerald} the Dog.


herself said...

Wonderful work, Justin. I don't know how you make all this major progress so consistently?! Someone here said that you were obviously highly motivated. I think that's right. WoW!

Wonderful job on the mold, especially.

jriggity said...

Thanks Herself!

Motivation Nation is where im living right now....

I dont want to go to work sometimes Im so Hungry to work on it..... And I love my work!

I just wana get paid to make my Film ...Ha!


Hila said...

WoW, Wonderful sculpting and molding. You're super talented!

Ethan said...

Dooder- you are on fire!

I really am inspired by how fast and the quality of puppets you are turning out- but make sure to get some sleep! I read your comment on SMA about day job/family time/stopmo 11pm-5am. That's just plain scary. I know the feeling though- it was working in CGI that refueled my love for stopmo and made me quit the pixel rat race altogether. :)

Ubatuber said...

Awesome job, and at superspeed! Thanks for the mold pics, nicely done...