Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Post it Note Sequence 2 Finished.

Well heres another finished story sequence {2 of 5}....I am finishing the little girls sequence{4 of 5}....I also had to redraw a couple of pages due to losing the sheets somewhere. Dammit!
Today I got lunch with a talented and passionate fellow stop mo animator {Kelly Mazurowski}. I was able to pick his brain and left full of inspiration. It was very informative and I leaned alot . I have more questions than I can ever remember. Thank you very much Kelly!! I appreciate all you time and help!
I have also been creating the mouth Shapes for the poundworker. The first char - in the first shot - of my first stop mo Film!

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herself said...

How exciting is this?! Go go go.

There looks like great movement in your story board(s) well done!