Sunday, February 4, 2007

Shel and her Little Girls.

Tonight we got to cross a bunch more X's of the master character List. Shel finished painting the 3 Little Girls. They Look Bueatifull.....shels awesome Paintjob and propasting made them quite wonderfull to look at. The Little Girl in the Film is a energy filled , bouncing ,sunshine character.
Shels paint job says all that with out even animating. Thats Half the Job done!
I also recieved an email from an old teacher of mine from years past concerning my characters armature. This in turn led me to doubting the use of clay for the Dog. One because the ammount of resculpting required is a HUGE pain in the ass, and 2 the weight of the character , 3 ease of moving the character and holding poses. 4 Resculpting the character{cause I really dont like that}

Hmmm.....Dammit ! I thought I was done sculpting! so

Ive decided to go ahead and Sculpt and mold the Main dog ....and then cast him in latex....with a wire armature that might allow me to still get the squash and stretch I was afraid I wouldnt get in Foam.

I am giving myself a week to get this done....Starting tomorrow night at about 11pm.

almost there.


herself said...

Stop Motion Mission Family: you rock!

I just caught up with the recent posts and am really impressed, again, with the organization of production stages and the progress!

Love the Post-it™ story board idea. Love the Little Girl's colors. Love the Gerald armature (where'd you scrounge up those great metal parts?)

And the magic case is... indeed.

Rick Catizone said...

Justin (and Shel) are certainly extremely motivated and talented people.

Can't wait to see it finalized...but I really enjoy seeing all the process work.

Everything looks wonderful, including some of the early animation.

jriggity said...

Hey Guys,


we are planning on sharing the whole Im glad you guys like it.


Tony Merrithew said...

Great stuff man your blog is looking good.