Friday, February 2, 2007

Story Intro Sequence 1 Finished

Heres a sneak peek on the opening sequence....I have been doing my storyboards on these 2 inch post it notes I got from work....they work great and you can just replace one if you dont like it....instead....of possibly ruining a page....

........all the dialog and actions i cut out of the theirs a little mystery left when you guys see it realized. Tonight I will be finishing the girl storyboard sequence....which will only leave the ending....wooo hooo!!

Shel started the little girls paint jobs today....and she looks great!! She will be done soon....and ready for pictures.



Sven Bonnichsen said...

Really curious about how the armature came together. Kits? Stuff you made yourself? A little of both?

...The pelvis looks particularly interesting -- what's going on there?

jriggity said...

Ha ...I got some parts from armaverse collection of pre made sizes.

Some are customly built....and again some are improvised creation of metel and 5 minuet apoxy.

The pelvis is a rod going all the way across the hip....with a simple knarp squeezing that and another rod cross hatching it.

like a cross....which leads into the spine.

I did the same setup for the shoulders.


Sven Bonnichsen said...


(D'oh! I meant to put this comment on the other, um, relevant post.)