Thursday, March 29, 2007

ANIMATION EDUCATION lesson two-lift test

shel again, with a lift test this time, except it unintentionally ended up being mostly a walk test. ( i need a few more years on walks, but the guys over at stop mo shorts are doing "lifts" this week and i wanted to join in).......i didn't manage to add more frames to her walk cycle like i intended to, i think it's cuz the little girl's legs are so short that it sort of threw me after working with the long skinny guy, but i had to work with her cuz i found this really cool glass blue ball. soon i will try another lift with something heavy (and hopefully more frames!).
also, i finished painting the puppy bodies. mike brent (darkstrider) gave me some great info on adding more prose aide (at LEAST 50%) to the paint. actually he said "think of adding paint to your prose aide", which was brilliant and completely solved our cracking paint problem , trust me, these are very flexible puppies!! And then he told me about some powder (ben nye neutral set colorless face powder) that will keep the puppets from sticking to themselves cuz now that they are so stretchy, they are also pretty darn sticky. justin and i picked up the powder today at Motion Picture FX Company in Burbank (during our lunch date--i know it doesn't sound that romantic but it works for us!). so the puppies are in good shape, justin just needs to make about a million more heads and they're set to shoot!
justin has good news but no time to tell it (he's been working harder even than usual this week), but i'll leave it to him to say when he finds a moment.......
not tonight though.....tonight we are taking off !


Darkstrider said...

Excllent!!!! Glad I could help!!

Darkstrider said...

And your tests are getting better and better!

Justin said he gave you some advice on walks, but have you looked at a book yet about animation, like the Animator's Survival Kit? Walks are the hardest thing to do in animation and make them look right..... it's what gets the character into the puppet if you know what I mean. And you're right about practice - as LIO has said recently a few trimes, it takes a few hours of animatin' time before you start to get into the groove and fall into that mode of thinking where you see distances as time. Best to stay in practice too.... if you stop animating for a day or two you lose a lot of that edge.

handmadeheros said...

thanks strider,

animating daily would be such a cool thing. i'll check out the animator's survival kit, not much of a learner by readin though, i tend to learn best by going through the motions.