Monday, April 2, 2007

36 seconds and a Rolling Stone!!!!

First Shot is in the can!!!!!! It took 5 nights of animation -1 restart - to get........ but its there and the ball {or BOULDER as far as the film is concerned} is rolling. I animated the Poundworker Entrance which is one of 4 sequences at the {dogs POV}Hallway set. I am super happy to finally say I'm officially animating my film for real.

I have started picking out all the best audio takes for the next Sequence{Rich couple}. I should have it ready for a start this thursday night or sunday evening. Another Big Sequence.

After finishing this marathon of character animation{36 seconds} I am rewarding myself with a Movie Night and a fun quick test for the Animation excersizes over at {stop mo shorts}

I hope to start the lift and finish tonight....I Hope? Ha!



Frankenbulb said...

Powerful stuff dood!! It's officially on. Can't wait to see this stuff. Great frame there, the lighting is particularly good...hahahaha.

Shelley Noble said...

A pro rep in the making.

Ubatuber said...

Hey, congrats on your start of filming...feels like I'll never get there :)