Monday, April 2, 2007


This is a pic from Michael Granberry's hilarious stop mo series Adventures with the Ambersons.
Hey ya’ll, Shel here….. still realin’ from our big, inspirational, stop mo-filled day yesterday over at Michael Granberry’s RED HATCHET FILMS’ studios. (I use the word “studios” in that extra special way that means working where you live.) It was really cool to see someone else doing it all from the house, fun and familiar to see sets in the corners, puppets on the shelves, armature wire, et al in the cupbards (I didn’t actually look at the puppets in the fridge, but I felt right at home knowing they were there). Though I have to say that Michael’s style of makin movies at home is a lot neater than we’ve managed!!

Michael is so gracious and open and enthusiastic it felt like we've known him forever, it was more like catching up with an old friend then meeting him for the first time. We dorked out on Stop Mo musings over delicious Indian food. We got to see (and hold!) a bunch of puppets from Charlie’s Wish, the crazy cool creatures from From Beyond, and Adventures with the Ambersons (the Amberson dinosaurs were an especially big hit with our 5 year old daughter, Aedon). Most cool of all we got private screenings of both From Beyond and the brand spanking new directors cut of Adventures with the Ambersons, Episode 2. (Both really cool and inspiring pieces…..can’t wait to see Adventures with the Ambersons, Episode 3!). Since we only have experience with the foam latex puppets, it was like magic to see what he’s done with wire/cotton/gue stuff/clay and paint. And it’s incredible what he’s done with foam board too! I really could have spent hours just looking at his sets and puppets.

It’s mind boggling and inspiring to see how much Michael has done in such a short amount of time (2 years: a zillion shorts, a couple music videos, and a series!?!) and where following his passion has lead him. And it’s especially cool to have made a new friend.

You can see some of it yourself if you check out Michael’s blog RED HATCHET FILMS at

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