Tuesday, April 3, 2007


here's my heavy lift test.

had lots of fun with this one, tried really really hard to smooth out the chunks and take it little itty bits at a time.....and it's still not all that smooth. dannggg! how itsy bitsy can you get?!?


oarstudio said...

i thought that was real smooth. i just caught up on all your walk and lift clips. very nice. -grant

Shelley Noble said...

FANTASTIC, Shel, The apple seemed perfectly heavy for the character!! You are so good at this!

I don't even see the not smooth bit you said bugged you? Wow! Just great animation.

jriggity said...

thanks guys!!!

it's really so encouraging to get feedback.

i'm working on a jump test now....kind of got carried away though, it's alot of frames....tonight i will finish (i hope!)and post it tomorrow.

i'm loving this stuff!