Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well Heres the latest....

I finished my walk for the week last week which was very fun to do.The Little girl puppet was a joy to animate. I Think shes battleing The Rich Guy Puppet for My favorite puppet award.I created this walk for a few reasons. I needed to test my {lens and camera for flicker issues and setup} I wanted to get the lighting looking good before my film starts and Last of all I wanted to get my hands pushing the girl puppet around..

{walk animation week}- very cool! I can participate...and check off all these chores.

onto my FRUSTRATION!!! - I was supposed to start my Film on Sunday Night but spent the entire night.....getting the puppet ready.....getting the camera ready......getting his X-Sheet ready.......getting the computer set up....I JUST WANA ANIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its AMAZING the ammount of TIME Setup requires.

I didnt even get into the garage till about 12:30 at night....I was very patient and said to myself.....you dont have to start today........start tomorrow.......chill out.....so I did.....

I then heard from a Artist friend of mine who brought up my lighting as a weakness in my shot.

This sent a deadly shock wave through my mentals....DAMMIT! I told myself I would take another look at the lighting {Lighting is totally my weakspot} Im just not that good at it....and the Hallset took me a Forever to get it to that Level.....

So....I said Id spend 1 hour working on the lighting to see if I could improve it....1 hour turned into 1 full season of southpark - 3 discs.....and another evening without animating.

fiddleing with the Lighting can go on forever!!.....I think I got it under wraps and all my other tasks are completed. I just have to walk into the garage turn the lights on grab the puppet and animate.




Michael Granberry said...

Man, Justin, you are such a talented animator. So much emotion played out naturally in 14 seconds...just like a kid! Can't wait to tour the studio.

Jeffro said...

I can totally understand the frustration of wanting to get one with something. But your results from a slow deliberate pace are going to be so rewarding. At least you got the critique about the lighting at this stage than when it was finished. One night fixing the lighting is better than muddling through some post process fix for it. And yeah the little girl design is pretty cool. I dig the shirt over the shirt look.