Thursday, March 22, 2007

KICK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Production

I did it!!! I officially started animation on my FILM! last night {March 22, 2007}at about 1:00 in the morning.

And Its so exciting !! I actually started on Tuesday night but By tuesday morning I wasnt happy with how things were I pulled the plug , RESET and try again tomorrow.

so then after a lovely day of rockclimbing {in Malibu Canyon}with Shel , one of my Sisters and her husband....and A Huge Family FEAST at the japanese restaurant......I made my way {slowly} into the garage. getting started at 1:00 in the mornin...takes a certain mentel state. I basically have to look at the freezing cold pool and JUMP Right in.

but as soon as Im in the water I warm right up and with season 2 of Southpark playing in the background.....I start pushin the puppets.
at the end of the evening....about 5:30 or so.....I run upstairs and try to get a few hours of zzzzz's before going to work......

so Its going well....and I think its gona turn out great.



herself said...

You are off and running! Congrats and we're all out here rooting for you.

D said...

go riggity go!

Tennessee Reid said...


Really looking forward to seeing your stuff man!

The photos have been inspiring - to watch your progress is fantastic!

Keep it up!

Michael Granberry said...

Go boy! :)

Hila said...

WoW, I've been away for a few weeks and... what an amazing progress! all the puppets are amazing. super great work.

Blogger said...

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