Wednesday, March 14, 2007


hey ya'll

shel here.....very happy to report that the hallway set is done, done, done. it looks much grungier than before and i am super glad i tore it up and redid it.

here's some pics of the the finished set with some details and (very exciting) a pic of the whole cast (except the dog who couldn't make it due to his compromised state of hanging in various stages of decapitated propaste in the dining room). he's been neglected while i finished the set.

i went to the pound in Glendale, CA last week and got some reference pics. this was dangerous and i had been putting it off cuz we really really really don't need a dog around here, but i was strong (and in a hurry) and managed to come home with inspiring pics but nothing furry, phwhew!

justin is in the garage right now setting up lights and getting ready to shoot on sunday, which will be our official "production" launch date. so this is my new to do list which will take me to the end of the project (the end is in sight):

  • finish the dog (propaste and paint)
  • make a new Eduardo puppet (same crackly paint problem the rich folks had)
  • finish the dog cage set (very simple, i have most the assets, just need some weathering)
  • make the down-the-hallway shots set (this will be interesting---i need to construct a wall with an openable door)
  • make the happy ending hill set (this can wait till near the end of the shooting as we don't have room for this set in the garage right now anyway)
  • re-construct the opening external pound/town set (this will be later too, i have all the parts, just need to dust them off, repair stuff and put it together again.....this will be the last shot justin shoots, it also is the first thing he shot, but now that he is using film quality instead of tv quality images he needs to redo it)
  • write the script for our next film okay, this is the most exciting part and i'm hoping the stuff above doesn't take too much time cuz i always pictured me just doing writing while justin clicks his story into life. the next film we will make is 1/2 hour long (HA!!). justin and i have worked out the story points together and now it just needs to be written into a script. i've never written a script, so......i'm just gonna plug my nose and jump in and hope i've got what i need to make it happen. i'm very much looking forward to feeling what that is like...... first off i'll have to come to terms with this completely unrealistic romantic image i have of writing a script that includes lots of focused time spent serenely in a sun streamed room with tea....well i guess i can still drink lots of tea.


Animator X said...

Wow Shel!

It's really come together! The little tiny nuances you put in there, really sell it. The grit, the switches, the floor, everything.

... You should be proud. Looks incredible!

Frankenbulb said...

Hey Shelly...Great work. The set looks amazing and so do the paint jobs on the characters. I can't wait to see the first shot completed. You guys are going to have a real nice piece here.

You should get a dog as a company mascot though. Maybe G-Money could look after it for you on the weekends....hahaha.

Keep rockin!!

adam said...

Awesome! I love the little wall sockets and the hose. I wish I could shrink down with Ratchet's shrink ray and run around in Pound Pup world. :B

Jeffro said...

The set looks amazing. The exposed wiring and various hoses and posters are pretty spot on too. Can't wait to see the final dog look.

Daesup said...

You are a super strong person comming back from a pound without dog. Ha.
I believe this short film will promote the pound a lot by encouraging people giving poor dogs sweet homes after the film done.
Congratulate on you guys kick-off!!


Michael Granberry said...

You guys are such an awesome team...

handmadeheros said...

thanks guys!!!

p.s. check it out, i got a new name-thing ("handle"?). don't be confused though, it's me, shel

Ethan said...

Whoo-hooo! Full spead ahead!

Good luck in the coming year of animation- you guys are rockin' it.

herself said...

Are you guys Swiss?!!! cuz you two work like a perfectly smooth hand-crafted timepiece!!

The new set looks PERFECT! Just the right balance of institutional bleak but still appealing for a film setting. Well done.

Best of luck with all the projects to the Riggitys!

handmadeheros said...

thanks shelly (can i call you that?)

actually, now that you mention it, we are feeling a bit Swiss-ish but mostly cuz we had a great needed, quiet weekend alone...

and your set compliments mean alot to me (you being the Mastress of amazingly detailed, beautiful, poetic, and inspirational Sets and Props).

herself said...

Heck-yeah you can call me Shelley!

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!