Monday, March 12, 2007

Poundworker Mouth Shapes Ive been pretty busy trying to get everything ready for the kickoff of my film. I been checking everything off the list.....and Just today on the way home from work.....I picked up my latest chore on the list. I had the poundworkers mouth shapes printed out on sticky paper. Which will be creating the illusion of my puppets speaking.

Im excited to use them......and almost ready to shoot. I have to do the X sheet some time this week....and I have to do a flicker test to make sure I understand how to create clean frames.

Shel has been working hard at getting the set ready to shoot by wednesday night....Shes been making some awesome props for the background....the objects will really add depth to the film that it would lack otherwise.

So..... wednesday evening I will then take over and set up the lights and camera which always takes 10 times the ammount of time I think it should.

Then I'll run right into a Sunday Night shoot....which will probably take 3 nights to finish.

Im excited!!!! And scared !!!!



RedRooster said...

Dude, this project kicks ass. Good luck my friend.

herself said...

Not to worry, Justin. This should be fun, remember. Nothing is really at stake. If you don't love what you make you can just do it until you like it, right?

jriggity said...

Thanks Rooster!

Herself.....Yeah... Break it down herself!

Big Picture..exactly....I can always do it till im happy. No deadline imposed but my own.

thanks for the hed check.


Optimus Clyne said...

im doing the same and those mouths look fantastic, where did you get them from?