Friday, March 9, 2007

Garage Studio {Comfortization}

So......... me and shel fixed up the garage preperation for the actual start of my film. We started by cleaning up the floors which were covered in dust.....mold stuff and splinters from wood drillage.
Shel did alot of cleaning while I drilled several hundred more holes in sections of the set sitting in front of the garage.
We then put down the rug ....cheapest one we could get from the extra rug parts store.
....and then re-construction was to begin.....Shel got into the set while I set up the computer and camera stuff.
After we positioned all that stuff ....Up went the wall of Story....the first 3 acts of my film are up on the wall inspiring me and excitingly waiting to be crossed out as I animate them.

After the day was done....the studio is MUCH warmer....much more comfortable....and inspiring for the year of cave dwelling ahead.



herself said...

Fantastic, guys! Great set-up for some sweet sweet animating.

Michael Granberry said...

Look at all that S-P-A-A-A-A-C-E! (so jealous now...) :)