Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Story Sequence 5 Ending

Well I had many different versions of this sequence ..........but this is what Im gona go for.This is a MAJOR milestone for this point I have the entire film on paper and 3 sequences in animatic form.

I will begin shooting My Film next Wednesday Night. {shot #1}

It will be the {Poundworker Greg} character and the Story Setup for the Film.

His job in this story is to let the audience know that {Gerald the Dog} is on the last day of his stay at the pound. At 5 o'clock he is to be terminated.....due to non adoption.

Here comes a BIG year of animation!!!



herself said...

Awwwww. [spoiler] I'm so glad Dog gets adopted!

Darkstrider said...

Very well done storyboard! Looking at the pictures i cal totally see the action, to the extent of timing and hearing the sounds - well some, like the door slamming open, the clock ticking to 5:00 etc. Conveys a lot of emotion too.

Do we get to see the animatics?

jriggity said...

thanks guys!

I Didnt give everything away....Theirs alot that isnt on the paper...and Me and shel will be editing on the Fly....

adding new elements occasionally to make {sure} we have the concepts clear for the audiance.

....we'll definately have a few Unseen bits for the Release of the film.


jriggity said...

as for the animatics....hmmmm?

I dont know if I'll put those online....but since Ill be hiding the actual animation from you guys.....for a good year.

I might throw them up to give you an idea as to how it works.


Darkstrider said...

Maybe just post an animatic for a scene you already showed in storyboard format?

Yeah, don't give the whole story away.