Sunday, April 8, 2007


shel again:

This is a jumping test i did as a part of the puppet training exercises over on
Justin gave me some good feedback so I decided to do another jump test later this week, with no rolling fruit or eyebrow acting, just a plain old jump, so i can work on some of the finer points of the action. Then I'd like to try a push/pull test.....then a running test....then i want to design and make my own puppet (that will be completely new territory for me!).....then I'd like to start playing with my puppet....then, well, actually, way before then i really will have to get serious about the interior pound cage set and our next to last set--a down the hall view with a door that opens for real--hmmmmm. We are making a film after all, and Justin is cruising right along with his shot list. (Actually Justin is not a listy sort of guy, but list or no, he is CRUISING!)


Jeffro said...

That ending is awesome! Nice to see the improvement in your animation. Keep up the good work.

Shelley Noble said...

Really funny, clip Shel, even your tests are better than most others' finished work!

Rock it!

My fav part was the "yeah, I'm bad" look pound guy made after his apple act! Then whammo!

Fruit city fun!

Michael Granberry said...

Hahaha! That was great, Shel! The watermelon caught me by surprise :)

handmadeheros said...

yay, i love this stuff....thanks guys!

Craig Harris said...

Wow, thats great work Shel!! And a lot of work too. Its going to be great to see you progress and get better. Especially doing stuff like this.