Sunday, April 8, 2007


Our most recent puppy puppets.

Shel here: Finished these three guys, all with slightly different foam consistency and armatures to help with different movements. They aren't wearing their collars or feet in this pic. Their body’s are foam and the heads are clay. Justin would like this guy to have lots of squash and stretch and in (many, many) past puppy incarnations, we've found that what has worked in the way we’ve foamed the people puppets is too limiting for the dogs. The ones Justin made out of clay are too time consuming and hassle-y to be reforming in the middle of a shoot, and they are really heavy which is awkward rigging-wise when the dog jumps around. So after aproximately one million discarded unusable versions, we are hoping these guys will work out. After Justin gets his next shot in the can (so to speak) he’ll do a puppy test to see if these guys work for the movement he has in mind. Keep your fingers crossed cuz if they don’t work...... ummm, if they don't work...... uuhhhh.....???

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